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Lesson 1 (from Lust)



Like in several other Susan Minot stories, the narrator of the story is unnamed. In Lust, the narrator is a teenage girl whose sexual exploits are followed by the reader. This lesson will focus on the unnamed narrator and the significance behind the lack of detail behind the narrator.


1. Class discussion: What do you think the reader is meant to think about the narrator? is the narrator likable? Why or why not? What do you think the author's purpose behind this is?

2. Reading group discussion: What kind of protagonist is the narrator of Lust? Describe her standing as a protagonist. If she is the protagonist, who or what is the antagonist?

3. Journal entry: Since the narrator of the story Lust is unnamed, it is suggested that this character could be any teenage girl. How might this be true? What do you think the author's...

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