Lust Character Descriptions

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The Narrator of Lust

This character is a young teenage girl in a coeducational religious academy away from home.

Lil, the Narrator of Sparks

This character is a woman in her mid-twenties who a notable actor takes dancing and asks for her number.

The Narrator of Blow

This character is an unnamed woman who works out of her shared apartment as a writer.

Ellen Greenough

This character is 27 years old and has spent three years caring for her ailing mother.

Nicholas Dickson

This character is confident, social, and has numerous sexual partners.


This character has lunch with another and is described as being a fashionable American woman.


This character has a strong and monogamous relationship with a female character and has a trust fund to support himself.

Evelyn (Evie)

This character is in a disintegrating relationship with a self-absorbed and standoffish attorney.

The Feather in the Toque Woman

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