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• Lust chronicles the sexual escapades of a teen girl from the time she is 15 to 17.
• The narrator has no parental oversight and has at least 16 lovers over the course of the time she is away at a coeducational academy.
• The narrator's parents are described as indecisive and shy, not disciplining their daughter.


• The narrator of this story is Lil, and she is unreliable because she has been incarcerated for mental illness.
• Lil's former lover is Duer, who has moved away to law school.
• Lil attends a party where she meets an actor and gets flaming baked apples spilled on her.


• The narrator and Bill talk, discussing his recent break up that has caused him to begin abusing Cocaine.
• Bill and the narrator go to an art museum.
• Bill predicts that the narrator's current boyfriend is shifty and will cause problems for her, which the narrator...

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