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Lunch Poems Test | Final Test - Hard

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Final Test - Hard

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This quiz consists of 5 short answer questions and 1 (of 3) essay topics.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does O'Hara want people to free themselves from in ''For the Chinese New Year & For Bill Berkson''?

2. What does O'Hara think about humanity in "For the Chinese New Year & For Bill Berkson"?

3. Who do politicians lie to in "How to Get There"?

4. Whom does O'Hara stay with in Boston in the poem "Mary Desti's Ass"?

5. What does "Five Poems" list?

Essay Topics

Discuss how O'Hara's poetry differs from the poetry of his idols, the Russian and German poets. How has poetry evolved over time?

Discuss how O'Hara uses sexuality and sensuality in his poems. Provide three examples of how he uses sexuality or sensuality to create the experience in his poem.

Choose two poems where O'Hara either mentions or dedicates the poem to a fellow artist. Provide a brief biography of the person. Discuss how O'Hara celebrates that person in his poem.

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