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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens when Liam went shopping alone?
(a) He encounters David Materas.
(b) He gets too nervous and does not get out of the car.
(c) Someone calls security on him for wanting to try on a dress.
(d) He encounters Chris.

2. What does Luna start singing in front of her mother?
(a) "We Shall Overcome."
(b) "Somewhere Over the Rainbow."
(c) "Good Morning Sunshine."
(d) "Happy Birthday."

3. Why does Regan avoid Chris all day at school?
(a) Wanting to see if Chris says anything to anyone about Luna.
(b) Fear he would look at her differently after seeing Luna.
(c) Fear that he would say he does not want to date anymore.
(d) Wanting to give some time between Chris seeing Luna and talking to Regan again.

4. What of Liam's does Regan find in a box at home?
(a) His chemistry papers.
(b) Several dresses he wore when he was younger.
(c) A negligee outfit.
(d) Several purses he bought.

5. What does Regan wonder if she has done concerning Aly?
(a) If Regan has presumed upon their friendship.
(b) Not been understanding enough of Aly.
(c) Betrayed Aly.
(d) If Regan has alienated Aly.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Regan's father ask about Liam's dating habits?

2. What does Chris say about his mother's boyfriend?

3. Why does Chris want to reschedule his date with Regan?

4. Why does Chris lead Aly to the theater prop room?

5. What does Regan do with her mom's phone?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Regan and Liam's mother do after Elise calls her Monday morning?

2. What happens when Regan explains about Liam to David?

3. What does Regan do that gets her date with Chris off to a bad start?

4. What happens when Chris stops at his house to change clothes?

5. Why is Aly distraught with Regan, and what does Regan worry about concerning Aly?

6. Why is Regan furious at Luna?

7. What does Luna say when Luna wakes Regan the next morning?

8. Who puts a note in Regan's locker and what does it say?

9. What is Liam excited to show Regan when he gets home that nightA?

10. What antic does Chris pull that has Regan's head spinning?

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