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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Chris want to reschedule his date with Regan?
(a) His mom's rehearsal dinner is on Friday.
(b) His boss wants him to work that night.
(c) His mother needs him to drive her to the airport.
(d) His mother needs him to take her to his grandmother's house.

2. What is Regan anxious about as she puts the kids to bed?
(a) If Liam will get there on time.
(b) Whether Chris will be on time.
(c) For David and Elise to leave.
(d) If the Materas will find out about Liam taking over for Regan.

3. What does Regan say is the reason she needs to go home early from the date with Chris?
(a) She is going out with Liam to celebrate his birthday.
(b) Family stuff.
(c) She has to talk to her mother.
(d) She is feeling ill.

4. What does Regan say Liam has done?
(a) Humiliated her in front of Chris.
(b) Caused her to lose her job.
(c) Caused her to have to leave and go live with their grandmother.
(d) Overstepped the boundaries in his selfishness.

5. What does Aly say when Regan says Liam is the same person as Luna?
(a) She loves Liam as a man but will have to love Luna as a friend.
(b) Aly's not a lesbian.
(c) Aly has obviously never known Liam.
(d) The name difference says it all.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who calls to talk to Regan's mother on Monday morning?

2. What does Chris do that Regan thinks is thoughtful?

3. What does Regan do with her mom's phone?

4. What does Regan find in her locker?

5. Who does Liam say is coming to town on Monday?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens when Regan confronts her mother?

2. Who puts a note in Regan's locker and what does it say?

3. Why is Aly distraught with Regan, and what does Regan worry about concerning Aly?

4. What does Regan think about concerning her mother when Regan realizes she forgot her lunch money?

5. What does Regan do that gets her date with Chris off to a bad start?

6. Describe Regan's conversation with her father in the basement of their house.

7. Why is Liam so happy the evening when he comes home from dinner with Teri Lynn?

8. What does Chris want as he sees Regan at school?

9. What happens when Liam tries to give Regan a ride to school on Monday morning?

10. How does Aly respond when Luna asks to finish their game and what does Regan do?

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