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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do Liam and Regan object to the basement being remodeled?
(a) They like it the way it is.
(b) Luna will have no place to come out during the remodeling.
(c) Their dad might remake it into something they would not want to hang out in.
(d) Their parents might start coming down there.

2. What does Aly give Regan at school?
(a) A dirty look.
(b) Liam's birthday present.
(c) A note to give Liam.
(d) A cold shoulder.

3. What does Regan find in her locker?
(a) A card.
(b) A picture of Luna.
(c) A pink slip summoning her to the principal's office.
(d) A hate note from Shannon.

4. What does David tell Regan?
(a) That she is no longer welcome in their house.
(b) That he is sorry but he cannot accept her brother.
(c) That she has to tell her parents or he will.
(d) That she knew that she was not to ever have someone else substitute.

5. What does Liam do as Regan is walking to school?
(a) Begs Regan to take a ride with him.
(b) Offers to go tell Chris Regan needs a ride.
(c) Drives slowly alongside Regan and jokes with her.
(d) Tells his mother he is moving out.

6. What does Chris do that Regan thinks is thoughtful?
(a) Says he understands about Liam.
(b) Says he went and talked to her father about her being late getting home.
(c) Says he wants to cook dinner for her.
(d) Gets her purse from the Rave.

7. What is Liam doing when Regan gets home from school?
(a) Playing a video game with Aly.
(b) Talking to Teri Lynn on the phone.
(c) Crying in his room again.
(d) Talking to their mother.

8. What does Liam tell Cody to keep Cody from mentioning Liam to his parents?
(a) That the secret fairy will punish Cody if he tells his parents.
(b) That Cody needs to learn how to keep a secret.
(c) That the secret fairy will reward Cody if he keeps quiet.
(d) That Liam is the tooth fairy.

9. What does Liam and Regan's father want to know when Luna appears Saturday morning?
(a) If it is a joke.
(b) If Liam is a lesbian.
(c) If Liam has something he wants to say?
(d) If Liam is gay.

10. What does Regan say it took to bribe Liam?
(a) Regan to introduce Liam to one of Regan's friends.
(b) Regan's soul.
(c) She said Liam is so nice she did not have to bribe him.
(d) Regan's help with Liam's yard work for a week.

11. What is Liam wearing when he sneaks downstairs at 11 p.m.?
(a) Jeans and a tee shirt.
(b) A skirt and blouse.
(c) A long formal.
(d) His gym shorts.

12. What does Regan wonder if she has done concerning Aly?
(a) Betrayed Aly.
(b) If Regan has alienated Aly.
(c) Not been understanding enough of Aly.
(d) If Regan has presumed upon their friendship.

13. Why does Chris lead Aly to the theater prop room?
(a) He wants to make her laugh.
(b) He wants to show her his idea for a play.
(c) He left her purse there.
(d) He wants to have privacy to talk to her about Liam.

14. What do Regan and Chris talk about outside the rave after some superficial chatter?
(a) Their classes at school.
(b) Their best friends.
(c) Their families.
(d) Their past.

15. Why does Regan fear going out with Chris?
(a) She is not sure how she feels about him.
(b) She is not afraid to go out with Chris.
(c) She thinks Shannon will ostracize her even more.
(d) She is afraid of getting too close.

Short Answer Questions

1. What of Liam's does Regan find in a box at home?

2. What does Aly seem determined to do?

3. What does Regan say is the reason she needs to go home early from the date with Chris?

4. What does Liam/Luna's mom do about Luna?

5. What does Regan remember once when she was younger and Liam was arguing with his mother?

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