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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 10: Chapter 18 & 19.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Chris recognize Liam?
(a) From soccer practice.
(b) From baseball tryouts.
(c) From Liam's job at a movie theater.
(d) From Liam's job in the city library.

2. What does Regan not understand about Liam's feelings concerning their father?
(a) Why Liam thinks their father hates Liam.
(b) Why Liam continually baits his father.
(c) Why Liam is afraid of their father.
(d) Why Liam thinks his father would learn to love Luna.

3. What does David tell Regan?
(a) That she is no longer welcome in their house.
(b) That she knew that she was not to ever have someone else substitute.
(c) That he is sorry but he cannot accept her brother.
(d) That she has to tell her parents or he will.

4. When is the first time Luna panics?
(a) When they encounter an appliance salesman.
(b) When a woman looks at him intently.
(c) When a little boy asks him a strange question.
(d) When Luna trips in her girl shoes.

5. What does the saleslady in the Gap do?
(a) Is courteous and helpful.
(b) Backs away from Luna.
(c) Makes a snide remark about Luna.
(d) Seems to realize who Luna is but does not mind.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Liam and Regan's dad do when they return from the mall?

2. What does Regan obsess about as she is babysitting?

3. What is Regan doing in her dream when Luna wakes her?

4. What killed Lia Marie?

5. What does Aly tell Regan she would do someday concerning Liam?

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