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O'Neills' House

This is Regan and Liam's home where they live in tension with their parents.

Materas' Home

Regan babysits here.


This area at the O'Neills' house is Regan and Liam's domain.

Liam's Treasure Chest

Liam keeps this in his bedroom where he stores all of Luna's belongings.


Luna's first public appearance is here, across town where no one will recognize her as Liam.

Taco Bell

Liam takes Regan to lunch here before they go shopping downtown.


Regan hates this place where she has made herself invisible as a defense mechanism to deal with Liam's secrets.

Liam's Spyder

Liam drives this, which upsets his dad who purchased a VW to restore with his son.


Liam leaves home for this place at the end of the novel.


Chris takes Regan to this place for their first date.

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