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Essay Topic 1

At breakfast, the reader is introduced to Regan and Liam's parents. This introduction demonstrates the way Dad pressures Liam to fill gender role expectations and the fact that Mom seems somewhat disinterested in and detached from her children. Informing her family that she has to work late, Mom asks Regan to cook dinner, but since Regan is babysitting, Liam offers to do it, causing Dad to claim it is not Liam's job and to glare at Regan.

1. What are Liam's dad's suggestions to Liam that would seem to be pressure to fill Liam's expected gender roles? Use examples from your own life and Luna to support your answer.

2. Discuss the reasons Liam's mother seems to be detached and disinterested in her family. Use examples from your own life and "Luna" to support your answer.

3. Do you think if a boy does not like sports or a...

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