Luna Character Descriptions

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Regan O'Neill

The novel focuses on this character learning to accept Liam's plan to transition.

Liam O'Neill

This character is also known as Luna and previously known as Lia Marie.

Jack O'Neill

This character is Regan and Liam's father.

Patrice O'Neill

This character is very intent on her work, rarely paying attention to her family.

Chris Garazzo

This character is the new guy in school who offers to be Regan's chemistry partner until he drops the class.


This character is Liam's best friend since childhood who is in love with Liam.

Teri Lynn

This character is a transsexual girl that Liam meets online.


This is the family for whom Regan babysits.

Mr. Bruchac

This character is the sexist chemistry teacher who expects Regan to be like Liam.

Shannon Eiber

This character is a popular, bossy girl who mocked Liam at Regan's sixth grade slumber party for...

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