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Section 1: Chapter 1 & 2

• Regan wakes at 2:30 AM because there is someone in her room wearing a flapper dress and a blond wig who announces she is to be called Luna.

• Regan tells Luna she is a freak show but when Luna asks if Regan loves her she says yes, because Luna is her brother.

• When Liam and Regan were young, Liam always wanted to play house and be the mommy and Regan had to be the father.

• Downstairs at breakfast Liam is back into his boy role and their father announces that he talked to Coach Hewitt about Liam playing baseball.

• Liam says he does not want to play baseball but their father asks him to do it for him. Liam and Regan's parents leave.
• Regan rushes out of the house to ask Liam for a ride to school. The look on his face makes her stumble back.

• She...

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