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Culling Song

A poem or song that is spoken to ease the suffering of injured warriors and victims of famine.

Day Planner/Grimoire

Held by Helen throughout most of the story, it's discovered to have two roles.

Class Action Lawsuit Advertisments

Placed by Oyster, this is a scam.


The hobby Streator develops after the deaths of his wife and daughter.

Haunted Houses

The real estate Helen specializes in.


What Helen receives as payment for the murders she commits.

Cosmetic Case

Used by Helen to gain entry into some of the homes in an effort to find the book.

Judas Cow

A cow that lives at a slaughterhouse and is used to coax the other cows to slaughter.

Poems and Rhymes from Around the World

The book in which the culling song appears.

Antique Furniture Warehouse

Where Helen and Streator sometimes meet, it's so large that they...

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