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Prologue and Chapters 1-4

• Helen Boyle runs a real estate company that specializes in "distressed" properties, or houses that are haunted.

• Helen sells the haunted houses then convinces the new owners that making a big deal to the previous owners will make the property worthless, then sells the house again.

• Carl Streater is a journalist who is assigned a series of stories about crib death.

• Carl notes that in two of the homes where a death has occurred, there is a copy of a book called "Poems and Rhymes" open to page 27.

Chapters 5-9

• Carl believes that the poem, which becomes known as the "culling song," is the reason for the deaths of some of the babies.

• Carl finds Helen's name associated with an old case in which her husband and son died and believes Helen read them the poem, killing them.

• Carl confronts Helen but she refuses...

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