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The West Indies

This is the series of islands in the Caribbean where Lucy grew up.

A Small West Indian Island

This is an island, ninety-six miles square, where Lucy grew up.

The Great Lakes' House

This is Lewis and Mariah's house where Mariah, Lucy and the four girls spent a couple months each year.

The City House

This is Lewis and Mariah's home where most of the book's events take place.

A Large American City

This is the busy and heavily populated place where Lucy lives.

Lucy and Peggy's Apartment

This is the place that Lucy moves to after leaving Lewis and Mariah's house.

A Red Italian Notebook

Mariah gives this to Lucy at the end of the book.

A Camera

Lucy develops a fascination with this device and an art form.

The Great Lake

This is the location of Lewis and Mariah's summer house.



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