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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Maria Flores tell Alice in confidence?

2. What music do Alice and Jamie listen to in his apartment?

3. Why does Alice choose one suspect over the other?

4. What important day does Alice's trial coincide with?

5. While Alice waits for the grand jury, what does she do?

Short Essay Questions

1. What important day does Alice's trial fall on? What do they do to try and fix this?

2. During her junior year of college, who does Alice date? What does she like about him?

3. What does Alice's mother begin to do during Alice's junior year of college? What inspires her to do this?

4. What number suspect does Alice mark? Why does she choose this one over the other?

5. When Alice goes home for the summer, what do she and her mother do? What fuels Alice to do this?

6. What is unusual about both Alice's doctor and her original attorney? Why won't they let Gail act as Alice's attorney?

7. What does Meggesto ask Alice about that hurts her? Why does she have this reaction?

8. What mistake did the police make so that Alice has to go through the grand jury? Why does she have to do this?

9. On the day of her trail, why is Alice's father not allowed in the courtroom? What does Alice think about this?

10. When Alice goes to the lineup, what is she afraid of? What do the police assure her?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Throughout the book, there are many women that Alice looks up to. Write an essay on the significance of the female figures in Alice's life, and what they provided her with during her times of struggle and need.

Essay Topic 2

Think about the clothes Alice wears at important times in her life. Write an essay discussing the significance of the clothing Alice wears at critical points in the book, using at least three examples.

Essay Topic 3

When Alice sees her rapist and things get hectic, Ken "wimps out." Write an essay on how Alice's view of Ken changes throughout her ordeal, providing at least three examples.

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