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Short Answer Questions

1. What is Alice wearing as a top when she is in the tunnel?

2. How much money does Alice have in her back pocket?

3. What does Professor Wolff tell Alice after she tells him about her rapist?

4. What does Alice say are the two styles of neighborhood available?

5. What does Alice say about her parents, hoping that her attacker will see her as pitiful?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Alice reads her poem in front of the class, what does Al Tripodi ask her? What does she tell him about what she could gain from catching her rapist in the hallway?

2. When do people say a woman stops fighting? What does Alice say about this?

3. What does Alice's Dad question about the rape? How does this make Alice feel?

4. What does Alice's father do for a living? How did this affect Alice as a child?

5. What show does Alice find uncomfortable watching with her family? Why is she uncomfortable about it?

6. What does Tobias Wolff tell Alice before he lets her leave class? Why does he say this?

7. What does the doctor inject Alice with in order to relax her? What might the medicine make her do? Why must she suppress this?

8. What does the psychiatrist prescribe Alice with to help her calm down? What is Alice's reaction to this?

9. What does Alice see in the elevator in Mary's college dorm? What happened to this girl?

10. What hall does Alice live in when she returns to college for her second year? What kind of students are reported to live here?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Alice frets about the impression both her testimony and actions will make on her case. Write an essay about the importance of Alice's appearance while in the courtroom. Make sure you use at least three examples.

Essay Topic 2

Think about Linda's reaction to her rape, both to the case and to Alice. Write an essay about Lila's behavior after she was raped and the reasons for her actions. How do they differ from Alice? How are they similar?

Essay Topic 3

Throughout the book, there are many women that Alice looks up to. Write an essay on the significance of the female figures in Alice's life, and what they provided her with during her times of struggle and need.

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