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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is different about Gail when Alice sees her before the trial?
(a) She is beaten up.
(b) She is very pregnant.
(c) She no longer exudes confidence.
(d) She is distant.

2. In what course does Alice meet Marc?
(a) Ritual and Remembrance.
(b) Women of the Bible.
(c) Ritual and religion.
(d) Ecstatic Religion.

3. Who does Alice ask to go with her to the primary hearing?
(a) Tobias Wolff.
(b) Tess Gallagher.
(c) Ken Childs.
(d) Mary Alice.

4. Who do Alice and her mother watch while they are trying to lose weight?
(a) Kathy Smith.
(b) Denise Austin.
(c) Brooke Shields.
(d) Richard Simmons.

5. What music do Alice and Jamie listen to in his apartment?
(a) Tom Petty.
(b) Johnny Cash.
(c) Bob Dylan.
(d) Hank Williams.

Short Answer Questions

1. What drug does Alice become involved with during her post-graduate years?

2. Where does Lila's father take the group for dinner?

3. What do Alice and the officer talk about in the car on the way to the Public Safety Building?

4. What happens to Maria Flores after Alice's grand jury Hearings?

5. Why does Alice choose one suspect over the other?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who is asked to leave the room when Alice is at the lineup? Why is she asked to leave?

2. What does Meggesto ask Alice about that hurts her? Why does she have this reaction?

3. In the beginning of their sophomore year, why do Mary Alice and Alice see less of each other? Who does Alice become friends with?

4. Where does Alice visit Maria Flores? Why is she there? What does she tell Alice?

5. How many years is Madison sentenced to? What is Alice's mother's reaction when she tells her?

6. During her junior year of college, who does Alice date? What does she like about him?

7. After Alice finishes college, where does she go? Why is she happy to do this?

8. What item does Alice have a hard time identifying during her trial? What makes her burst into tears shortly thereafter?

9. What question is popular that the grand jury asks Alice? What does Alice try to play up to the grand jury?

10. On the day of her trail, why is Alice's father not allowed in the courtroom? What does Alice think about this?

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