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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jamie tell Alice not to do the morning after they have sex?
(a) Testify against Madison.
(b) Forget about him.
(c) Get sentimental.
(d) Fall in love with him.

2. What does Gail tell Alice about Dr. Husa, the woman who examined Alice on the night of her rape?
(a) She refuses to testify.
(b) She is pregnant.
(c) She was raped.
(d) She is retired.

3. What connection does Detective Murphy try and make with Alice while he is escorting her to trial?
(a) His girlfriend's name is Alice.
(b) His mother is named Alice.
(c) His sister is named Alice.
(d) His daughter is named Alice.

4. What does Meggesto ask Alice about during the preliminary hearing that hurts her a lot?
(a) Whether she was a virgin or not.
(b) Where the knife was.
(c) Kissing Madison.
(d) Her glasses.

5. Who does Alice become friends with in her fiction workshop?
(a) Casey and Chris.
(b) Ken and Casey.
(c) Chris and Ken.
(d) Chris and Jamie.

6. What happens to Alice on the night before her trial?
(a) She decides not to go through with the trial.
(b) Her mother has a heart attack.
(c) She is attacked.
(d) She has a terrible migrane.

7. What literary magazine does Alice work for during college?
(a) The Voice.
(b) The Offbeat.
(c) The Review.
(d) The Damned.

8. In what book was Alice quoted?
(a) Trauma and Recovery.
(b) Youth and Age.
(c) Incredible Stories of Survival.
(d) Rape Victims: What You Didn't Know.

9. What is the name of the dog Alice sits with on the Fourth of July and watches fireworks?
(a) Shady.
(b) Sheba.
(c) Shadow.
(d) Shaggy.

10. What day does Alice's rape trial begin?
(a) May 17th.
(b) April 15th.
(c) March 3rd.
(d) December 30th.

11. What is Alice terrified to go and fix by herself when she is living with her boyfriend?
(a) The front door.
(b) The window.
(c) A fuse.
(d) Her car.

12. What do Lila and Alice start calling each other?
(a) Clone.
(b) Twin.
(c) Sister.
(d) Friend.

13. Why is Sgt. Lorenz wearing an eye patch after Alice gets off the stand?
(a) He ran into a door.
(b) Madison tried to get away by punching him.
(c) He had an accident while playing basketball.
(d) A perpetrator sprayed him with mace.

14. Who do Alice and her mother watch while they are trying to lose weight?
(a) Brooke Shields.
(b) Kathy Smith.
(c) Richard Simmons.
(d) Denise Austin.

15. What good news does Alice hear on November 16th?
(a) Alice won her case.
(b) Madison has been caught.
(c) Madison pled guilty to rape.
(d) The hair sample matched Madison.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Lila's last name?

2. What does Maria Flores tell Alice in confidence?

3. What movie do Alice and Lila get in trouble for laughing at?

4. Where was Lila raped?

5. Who does Alice develop a crush on in her fiction class?

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