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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What college did Alice and her father visit when Alice was a senior in high school?
(a) UVA.
(b) Colombia.
(c) Emerson.
(d) NYU.

2. Who does Alice call as soon as she sees her rapist?
(a) Ken Childs.
(b) Professor Wolff.
(c) Her parents.
(d) The police.

3. What does Professor Wolff tell Alice after she tells him about her rapist?
(a) Be careful.
(b) Stay calm.
(c) He'll get caught.
(d) Remember everything.

4. What is the name of the boy that Alice showed photos of to her hallmates during her freshman year?
(a) Andy.
(b) Mark.
(c) Tom.
(d) Gene.

5. In her story about scavenging the burned house, what does Alice say she found upstairs?
(a) Jewlry.
(b) Tinker toys.
(c) Matchbox cars.
(d) Lincoln Logs.

6. What college do Alice's parents discuss after she is raped?
(a) Immaculata College.
(b) U-Penn.
(c) UVA.
(d) Emerson.

7. What does Alice eat while she is waiting for her mother?
(a) A cracker.
(b) An apple.
(c) A doughnut.
(d) A bagel.

8. What is the name of the gynecologist that comes to examine Alice?
(a) Dr. Harah.
(b) Dr. Perkins.
(c) Dr. Musum.
(d) Dr. Husa.

9. What is Alice prescribed in order to make her calm?
(a) Valium.
(b) Demerol.
(c) Tylenol.
(d) Vicodin.

10. How much money does Alice have in her back pocket?
(a) One dollar.
(b) Twenty dollars.
(c) Nine dollars.
(d) Eight dollars.

11. Why is Alice jealous that her sister receives a visit from a boy.
(a) Alice thinks she is undesirable.
(b) Alice thinks Mary doesn't really like the boy.
(c) Alice thinks Mary hogs all the attention.
(d) Alice thinks the boy only likes Mary for her looks.

12. Who does Alice ask to call the police for her?
(a) Tree.
(b) The RSA.
(c) Mary Alice.
(d) Linda.

13. Who is the memoir dedicated to?
(a) David Lee Gold.
(b) David Miller-Gold.
(c) Glen Miller.
(d) Glen David Gold.

14. What does the officer share with Alice about his experience with rape?
(a) His sister was raped.
(b) His mother was raped.
(c) His wife was raped when she was young?
(d) His neice was raped.

15. What is strange about Father Breuninger's visit to Alice's house after she is raped?
(a) Father Breuninger ignores Alice's rape.
(b) Father Breuninger starts to cry.
(c) They all pray.
(d) Paul comes with him.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Alice do with the prescription?

2. Who comes to Alice's dorm room to help her sketch her rapist?

3. Who does Alice ask to help her shower?

4. What doesn't Alice's father understand that hurts Alice to this day?

5. What did the tunnel where Alice was raped once function as?

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