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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1 through 3)


Chapters 1 through 3

"Lucky" is a memoir about the brutal rape Alice Sebold experienced as a young woman. In this lesson, the students will study the concept of creative nonfiction and memoir and its impact on the book. The objective of this lesson is a study of the art of memoir.


1.) Class Discussion: Lead a discussion with the class on the following: What do you know about Alice Sebold? What is creative nonfiction? What are the different styles of creative nonfiction? What might a person want to bring across in a work of creative nonfiction?

2.) Group Activity: Have the students split into small groups and discuss the following: What is memoir in relation to the genre of (creative) nonfiction? How much of a story must be fact in order to consider it nonfiction or creative nonfiction? Why might this be an important thing to consider when...

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