Lucky Character Descriptions

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Character Descriptions

Alice Sebold - This person is a college freshman when she is attacked and raped in a park.

Alice's Mother - This person has anxiety attacks which are called "flaps" by the family.

Bud Sebold - This person is a professor and not a highly-affectionate man.

Lila - This person lives down the hall from the main character at Haven Hall.

Mary Alice - This person is a friend of the main character who arrives at the hospital and remains with her as the doctor performs the examination, gathers evidence, and stitches her wounds.

Ken Childs - This person is a boy who had a crush on the main character and who had spent the evening taking her picture on the night of the rape.

Father Breuninger - This person is an amiable man who has around him a devoted congregation.

Tess Gallagher - This person is...

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