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Chapters 1 through 3

• The memoir begins with a dedication to Glen David Gold.

• An author's note follows, saying that names have been changes to protect privacy.

• The memoir starts with the main character, Alice, talking about the tunnel where she was raped.

• Alice thinks about a girl who was murdered in the tunnel while she is being raped.

• The police say she was lucky in comparison.

• In the tunnel, Alice sees a pink hair tie and associates it with the dead girl.
• Alice tells the story of her rape, starting with the assailant grabbing her from behind.

• He tells her not to scream or he will kill her. She screams.

• He beats her and then drags her to the tunnel.

• The man tells her to take off her clothes, and she begins to beg and cry.

• Alice tells the man she is a virgin. He says he does not...

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