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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 18, what does Bertrand say to Dixon about Christine?
(a) That she hates him.
(b) That he's wasting his time on her.
(c) That he needs to treat her well.
(d) That she will trick him.

2. While in the taxi after the dance, what does Christine say about dating an artist?
(a) That it gets boring when he talks about his work.
(b) That it's harder than dating other men.
(c) That it's easier than dating other men.
(d) That it's more romantic than dating other men.

3. How does Dixon feel about not seeing Christine anymore?
(a) Pleased.
(b) Angry.
(c) Disgusted.
(d) Relieved.

4. Why do Dixon and Bertrand get into a fistfight?
(a) Because Bertrand warns Dixon to stay away from Christine.
(b) Because Christine told Bertrand she likes Dixon.
(c) Because Dixon kicks Bertrand out of his room.
(d) Because Dixon insults Bertrand.

5. In Chapter 18, why does Dixon slide across the driver's seat of Welch's car?
(a) Because Welch tells him to.
(b) Because Dixon doesn't want to step on Welch's plants.
(c) Because Welch needs help.
(d) Because he can't open his own door.

6. What happens when Dixon asks Dr. Caton for a publication date?
(a) He won't give Dixon one.
(b) He says it's already been published.
(c) He says within a few months.
(d) He says within the year.

7. How does Dixon learn he has been fired from the university?
(a) With a phone call.
(b) He is locked out of his office.
(c) Bertrand tells him.
(d) Welch sends a note.

8. In Chapter 17, when does Welch say the External Examiner's review is?
(a) He doesn't know.
(b) The next week.
(c) The next day.
(d) The next month.

9. In Chapter 16, what does Dixon think of his finances?
(a) He doesn't care about his finances.
(b) He makes plans for future investments.
(c) He is worried about them.
(d) He feels secure in them.

10. How does Dr. Caton steal Dixon's article?
(a) He turns it into a new lecture.
(b) He has it published in a foreign language.
(c) He puts the copyrights to it under his name.
(d) He sells it to a newspaper.

11. In Chapter 17, what is Johns's reaction to the letter he receives?
(a) He is upset.
(b) He is excited.
(c) He is bored.
(d) He is confused.

12. Who tells Dixon to meet Christine at the train station?
(a) Welch.
(b) Christine herself.
(c) Atkinson.
(d) Johns.

13. How does Gore-Urquhart help Dixon before his lecture?
(a) He gives him words of advice.
(b) He gives him a drink of whiskey.
(c) He pays him.
(d) He says he'll give the lecture instead.

14. In Chapter 17, what does Welch do when he runs into Dixon at the library?
(a) Gives him a second lecture job.
(b) Gives him a list of books to check out.
(c) Asks him to leave.
(d) Tells him to finish his lecture sooner.

15. In Chapter 17, why do Dixon and Beesley go to the common room?
(a) To check their class lists.
(b) To talk about classes.
(c) To have coffee.
(d) To check their mailboxes.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Dixon tell Christine she shouldn't marry Bertrand?

2. After the dance, why does Christine have a hard time getting in Welch's house?

3. How does Dixon help Christine get inside Welch's after the dance?

4. What does Welch's son Michel do for a living?

5. Where does the taxi stop on the way to Welch's?

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