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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At the end of Chapter 12, where does Dixon tell Christine he is going?
(a) Back to school.
(b) To Welch's.
(c) To get a taxi.
(d) Home.

2. How long will Mr. Julius Gore-Urquhart be in France?
(a) For a week.
(b) For a month.
(c) For six months.
(d) For a year.

3. What kind of dancing does Bertrand's fiancée do?
(a) Tap.
(b) Ballet.
(c) Modern.
(d) Jazz.

4. In Chapter 11, how does Christine know Bertrand asked Carol to the dance first?
(a) Because Bertrand accidentally said it.
(b) Because Dixon told her.
(c) Because of Carol's attitude.
(d) Because Christine overheard Carol talking about it.

5. In Chapter 5, how does Dixon finally fall asleep?
(a) Sitting up.
(b) Face down.
(c) On the floor.
(d) Curled up in a chair.

6. What makes Dixon suspicious of Bertrand and Carol in Chapter 5?
(a) When Welch makes a suggestive statement.
(b) When he reads a note from Christine.
(c) When he sees them hug.
(d) When he hears Carol talking about Bertrand.

7. What does Dixon do after being kicked out of Margaret's room in Chapter 5?
(a) Calls Johns.
(b) Tries to sleep.
(c) Drinks alcohol.
(d) Gets something to eat.

8. In Chapter 5, why does Dixon sneak to his bedroom?
(a) Because he has a secret.
(b) Because he is drunk.
(c) Because he was locked out.
(d) Because it is late.

9. Why does Dixon ask Margaret to the dance?
(a) He thinks she is pretty.
(b) He feels bad for her.
(c) She asks him.
(d) He decides he likes her.

10. What does Dixon do when he learns his article will be published in Chapter 3?
(a) Draws.
(b) Calls his friends.
(c) Jumps.
(d) Sings.

11. In Chapter 9, what does Michie say about the girls' opinion of Dixon's syllabus?
(a) They think it is too confusing.
(b) They like it.
(c) They think it's too light.
(d) They think it's too heavy.

12. In Chapter 10, what does Dixon decide to tell Margaret about what he knows about Carol and Bertrand?
(a) He decides to tell her nothing.
(b) He decides to drop hints.
(c) He decides to tell her everything.
(d) He decides to ask questions to see if she knows.

13. How does Dixon know Margaret?
(a) She is an ex-girlfriend.
(b) She is also a lecturer.
(c) She is one of his bosses.
(d) She is a student.

14. At the end of Chapter 12, how long does Dixon tell Christine to wait before going outside?
(a) 20 minutes.
(b) 25 minutes.
(c) 15 minutes.
(d) 10 minutes.

15. After talking with Michie about the class syllabus, what does Dixon decide to do?
(a) Make it lighter.
(b) Have someone else write it.
(c) Make it heavier.
(d) Keep it the same.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 12, what does Carol say Margaret will do to Dixon?

2. In Chapter 4, why does Dixon pretend to sing?

3. While pretending to be a reporter on the phone, why does Dixon suggest Bertrand call Christine?

4. How does Dixon feel about seeing Margaret for the first time since she left the hospital?

5. What does Carol tell Dixon about her husband's knowledge of her affair with Bertrand?

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