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Burned Bed Sheets

This is what gets Dixon in trouble with Mrs. Welch.

Burned Table

Christine helps Dixon hide this.

Merrie England Lecture

This is what may affect Dixon's job security the most.

Special Subject

This is what Dixon must design to attract students.

Ship Building Article

This is what Dr. Caton steals from Dixon.

Johns's Magazine

This is what Dixon draws on to upset his fellow boarder.

Letter to Johns

This is how Dixon tries to seek revenge.


This is a vice of Dixon's.

Sleeping Pills

This is how Margaret tries to commit suicide.

Dixon's Welch Song

This is how Dixon expresses his dislike of Welch.

Welch's Car

This is how Dixon tears his pants.

Dixon's Faces

This is something Dixon practices to avoid upsetting people he talks to.


This is where Dixon works.

Train Station

This is where Christine asks for a second chance...

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