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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1-3)


Dixon introduces himself as being unhappy with his job and with Welch, yet he tries to succeed at the job and get on Welch's good side. The objective of this lesson is to analyze Dixon's motives.


1) Class discussion - Where does Dixon work? What does he do at the university? Why is his job in a probation period? How does he feel about this job? Why does he want to keep it? What does Dixon do professional to try to keep his job? Who is Welch? How is Welch's job related to Dixon's? How does Welch treat Dixon? How does Dixon feel about Welch? What does Dixon do to try to do to please Welch? Why does he do these things? How does Dixon treat his students? Why does he treat them this way? What other careers are open to Dixon? Why doesn't he choose...

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