Lucky Jim Character Descriptions

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James Dixon

This character is a young lecturer at a university whose job is in a probationary period.

Professor Ned Welch

This character is the head of the history department at a university.

Mrs. Welch

This character is able to figure out who burns her sheets.

Bertrand Welch

This character is an artist who is seeking a position as a secretary to a wealthy man.

Christine Callaghan

This character is the niece of an art patron who learns her boyfriend is cheating on her.

Margaret Peel

This character fakes a suicide attempt for attention.

Mr. Gore-Urquhart

This character is an art patron.

Carol Goldsmith

This character says her husband knows she cheats on him.

Mr. Johns

This character works in the music department.

Mr. Michie

This character is a student at the university who cares greatly about the classes he takes.

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