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Chapters 1-3

• Dixon dislikes his job at the university, but wants to keep it for the respect it earns him.

• Dixon tries to get on the good side of Welch, in order to keep his job.

• Dixon's fellow lecturer, Margaret, is released from the hospital following a suicide attempt.

• Dixon's article will be published in a journal.

Chapters 4-5

• Dixon dislikes Welch's son, Bertrand, and makes a poor first impression on him.

• Dixon argues with Bertrand about the way the wealthy help people.

• Dixon ends up kissing Margaret, but she kicks him out of her room for taking it too far.

• Dixon drinks too much and eventually falls asleep.

Chapters 6-9

• Dixon burns holes in his room at Welch's.

• Dixon asks Margaret to the dance.

• Dixon helps Christine find Bertrand by pretending to be a reporter on the phone.

Chapters 10-12

• While at the dance, Bertrand tries to...

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