Lucinda's Secret Fun Activities

Holly Black
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Draw a map of the route the children took to get to the silent meadow and the area around the route.

Faerie Food.

Bring an item of food you think is so good it could be considered faerie food.

Rename the Characters.

Rename all the characters in Lucinda's Secret to reflect their personalities.


Draw up a contract between humans and elves that will alleviate the elves fears concerning humans.

Rescuing Arthur.

Draw up a plan to rescue Arthur.

Field Guide.

Write a page to add to the Field Guide book. Use illustrations to enhance the text.

Magic Protections.

Come up with a list of ways to protect the Grace children from the creatures of the Fantastical World. Use your imagination.

House Layout.

Draw a layout of the Spiderwick house including where the children's bedrooms are located and areas where Thimbletack might include traps.

Magazine Reporter.


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