Lucinda's Secret Character Descriptions

Holly Black
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Jared Grace

He is a twin and is intelligent, quick-tempered, and an excellent artist.

Simon Grace

He is a twin and more soft-spoken and calmer than his twin.

Mallory Grace

She is the oldest child of the Grace children.

Great Aunt Lucinda

She is cousin to Melvina, the Grace children's grandmother.


He is a house brownie who lives in the Grace children's home.

Helen Grace

She is the Grace children's Mom.


They are angry at the Grace family for keeping the Field Guide from them.


This is a magical creature in the Fantastical World and appears in the form of part-monkey and part-rabbit creature.

Great-Great Uncle Arthur

He wrote a Field Guide that details the Fantastical World, its creatures, and spells that work in the real world.


He is a griffin that the children discover in the Fantastical World.

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