Loving Frank: A Novel Short Essay - Answer Key

Nancy Horan
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1. Who wanted to build a new house at the beginning of the novel and why?

Edwin wanted to build a new house. He wanted something modern. He also wanted a place where all his things could be in order and where he and Mamah could entertain.

2. How did Mamah describe the Huertley house?

From the outside, the house looked like a heavy rectangular box. Inside, it was all open space with one room flowing into the next. Unpainted beams and woodwork the color of tree trunks gleamed softy. The most glorious light poured thorough the green and red stained-glass windows. Mamah thought it felt sacred inside, like a woodland chapel.

3. Who is Louise?

Louise is the children's nanny. She is a childless Irish nurse born to mother children. Though she isn't much older than Mamah, she is heavy and slow.

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