Objects & Places from Loving Frank: A Novel

Nancy Horan
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This is a very important part of Wright's architecture and is also his religion.

Nineteenth Century Woman's Club

This is a place that brings women together for educational discussions.


This symbolizes freedom for Mamah and Frank, but is something there spouses refuse to give.


This is a place of solitude, anonymity, and happiness for Mamah.


This is a home Wright builds near land his family has owned for generations.

Unpaid Bills

These are a common problem for Wright and causes Mamah to leave him for a time.


This is Wright's passion and life work.

News articles

These haunt Mamah and Frank and are an example of yellow journalism.

Woman's Movement

This is movement centered around the right to vote and equal pay.


This is a dog that Mamah and the children adopt in Canada.


This is a partial cause of Mamah...

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