Daily Lessons for Teaching Loving Frank: A Novel

Nancy Horan
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Lesson 1 (from Part I, Prelude, Chapters 1-4)


Nancy Horan is the author of "Loving Frank." The aim of this lesson is to examine the life and writing of Nancy Horan and why she chose this topic.


Class Discussion: When did Horan begin writing? What caused Horan to write about Mamah? How long did it take her to write the book? Why did she have to write the book twice? Why was research so difficult to find about Mamah? What was a breakthrough in Horan's research? What did Horan write before "Loving Frank"? What did an instructor tell Horan about writing a novel? What is her aim when telling a story from the past? Does "Loving Frank seem to achieve that goal? What is her second book? Why did she choose that topic? In what way are her novels about choices and consequences? Why doesn't Horan talk about pending writing projects?

Activity: Create...

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