Loving Frank: A Novel Fun Activities

Nancy Horan
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Painting with Light

Use this technique to create a scene with a camera and paint as Mattie created her photos.


Create a travel guide for Boulder, Colorado.

Prairie School Architecture

Create a college of homes built in the Prairie School style by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Frank Lloyd Wright

Write a biography of Wright's life.

Hotel Adlon

Research the Hotel Adlon. Use a comparison matrix to compare the hotel in the early 1900s to what it is today.


Watch a movie version of this opera.


Read some of his poetry that has been translated into English.


Create a travel guide for Berlin.


Discuss with a group whether Edwin might have wished he had never had his new house built and had just continued to live in his in-laws home.

Map It

Use a blackline map to show where Mamah traveled and the places that...

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