Loving Frank: A Novel Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Nancy Horan
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Essay Topic 1

Mamah used the word "dogged" to describe how Edwin often got his way. How did Edwin use persistence to court Mamah and to get a new home?

Essay Topic 2

In Chapter 4, Mamah and Frank resume their relationship. How did Frank and Mamah meet and what led to their interest in one another?

Essay Topic 3

Frank and Mamah attempt to keep their relationship a secret. What lengths do they go to to keep the relationship a secret and how successful are their efforts?

Essay Topic 4

Catherine refuses to give Frank a divorce when she learns about the affair. Why does Catherine refuse, and what does she ask for in return?

Essay Topic 5

Lizzie has never married. Why hasn't Lizzie ever married?

Essay Topic 6

Mamah never thought that Mattie should have married Alden. Why didn't Mamah think Mattie should have married Alden, and why does Mamah change her...

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