Loving Frank: A Novel Character Descriptions

Nancy Horan
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Mamah Borthwick (Cheney)

This character is a bored housewife who has an affair with an architect.

Frank Lloyd Wright

This character is an architect and has an affair with a bored housewife.

Catherine Wright

This character is a woman with six children whose husband has an affair, but she refuses to give him a divorce.

Edwin Cheney

This character is the president of an electric company, and he has a wife who has an affair with an architect.

Lizzie Borthwick

This character is an unmarried teacher who helps raise her sister's children.

John and Martha Cheney

These characters are children whose mother leaves them to have an affair.

Ellen Key

This character is a Swedish author and lecturer.

Billy Weston

This character is the foreman of the men who build Taliesin.

John Wright

This character helps build Midway Gardens.


This character is a poet in Germany who used...

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