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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How old is Florentino in chapter one of this novel?
(a) 80
(b) 76
(c) 55
(d) 96

2. Who is Hildebranda Sanchez?
(a) Fermina's cousin
(b) Fermina's friend
(c) Florentino's cousin
(d) Florentino's lover

3. Why does Dr. Urbino feel offended by what de Saint-Amour leaves for him?
(a) He is upset that he could not stop his death
(b) He is upset that he killed himself
(c) He is offended by the secrets kept
(d) He is upset that he knew someone with a shady past

4. What happens to Florentino as he waits for a response to his letter from Fermina?
(a) None, he stays quite healthy
(b) He has green vomit and fainting spells
(c) He has just diarrhea
(d) He has diarrhea, green vomit and fainting spells

5. Why was Dr. Urbino called to de Saint-Amour's home?
(a) To treat him for an illness
(b) To certify his death
(c) To play chess
(d) To treat his wife

Short Answer Questions

1. How many years were Fermina and Dr. Urbino married when the soap in the bathroom incident occurred?

2. How old is Fermina Daza when Florentino sees her for the first time?

3. Who assists Dr. Urbino in the courting process?

4. Why do Florentino's work and violin play suffer?

5. Which of the following characters was obsessed with cholera?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Dr. Urbino associate the scent from cyanide with?

2. What promise does Fermina insist be part of the bargain as she agrees to marry Florentino?

3. What does it mean when it is said that the man had questionable business dealings?

4. How does Fermina's letter make Florentino feel?

5. How does Fermina Daza feel about Europe?

6. What were two steps Dr. Juvenal Urbino had the city do to curb the cholera epidemic?

7. What is a siesta?

8. What had the woman who Florentino met on the trolley done not long before he met her?

9. When was the time that Fermina and Dr. Urbino loved each other best?

10. When they return from the second honeymoon what is different for Fermina?

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