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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following provides the best synonym for haunting as it is used in this part of a sentence: "From Florentino's days of haunting the brothel"?
(a) Poignant
(b) Lingering
(c) Evocative
(d) Recurring

2. Under what circumstances does Dr. Urbino meet Fermina Daza?
(a) He treats her for a broken ankle
(b) She calls him to treat her sick father
(c) He is called as she shows signs of cholera
(d) Her father introduces them hoping they will marry

3. What did de Saint-Amour leave for Dr. Urbino?
(a) A pet
(b) A chessboard
(c) A letter
(d) A treasure

4. Which of the following is an antonym for the word ignominious as it is used to describe the manner of Dr. Urbino's death?
(a) Embarrassing
(b) Reprehensible
(c) Honorable
(d) Humilating

5. Who is Hildebranda Sanchez?
(a) Fermina's cousin
(b) Fermina's friend
(c) Florentino's cousin
(d) Florentino's lover

6. Which of the following is the best definition of a refuge as it is used to describe Widow Nazaret coming to live with Florentino and his mother?
(a) Retreat
(b) Asylum
(c) Harbor
(d) Protection

7. How does Florentino describe brief flings?
(a) Memorable
(b) Not worthy of describing
(c) Outstanding
(d) Exciting

8. Where does Fermina Daza attend school?
(a) No school
(b) Private school
(c) All girls school
(d) Public school

9. Why had the school expelled Fermina Daza?
(a) Agreeing to marry before she is of age
(b) Writing love notes to Florentino
(c) Not completing her work
(d) Having sex with Florentino

10. What does Dr. Urbino see perched on rooftops throughout the city?
(a) Pigeons
(b) Ravens
(c) Vultures
(d) Eagles

11. What are the bodies which Florentino sees floating in the river victims of?
(a) Cholera and the civil war
(b) Civil war only
(c) Another cause beside cholera or the civil war
(d) Cholera only

12. What event will Dr. Urbino be attending which he would like to take a siesta before he must get ready for?
(a) Gold anniversary gala for a former student
(b) Gold Mass for a friend
(c) Silver Mass for a friend
(d) Silver anniversary gala for a former student

13. What "punishment" was inflicted upon Dr. Urbino during the argument over the soap in the bathroom?
(a) Had to move out of the house
(b) Fermina left the house
(c) Had to move out of the bedroom
(d) Fermina moved out of the bedroom

14. When did Florentino stop living with his mother?
(a) Upon her death
(b) Until he started working on the riverboat
(c) Upon his eighteenth birthday
(d) Until he met Fermina

15. Which of the following characters was the father to the man who fell off of the ladder?
(a) Dr. Florentino Ariza
(b) Dr. Fermina Daza
(c) Dr. Juvenal Urbino
(d) Dr. Marco Aurelio Urbino

Short Answer Questions

1. Which fleet does Florentino hope to gather treasure and galleons from?

2. What are Dr. Urbino's last words in reference to?

3. What does the one letter which Florentino delivers to Fermina pledge?

4. How many years earlier do the events in this chapter take place?

5. Where is the first place that Fermina Daza and Florentino come face to face?

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