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Objective: The students will be able to define foreshadowing and explain how authors can use it to enhance their writing.

1) Possible Activities:
* Brainstorm a list of criteria that could be utilized to help a novice reader understand what is meant by the term foreshadowing.
* Use the dictionary to define foreshadowing and then have the students work in small groups to put this definition into their own words. Have them then brainstorm ways the author could use this tool in their writing.
* Have the students discuss foreshadowing and its use in literature. Debate the pros and cons of foreshadowing as a writing tool. Then have the students specifically list examples of how Marquez utilized foreshadowing in this story

Have the students find one example from chapter one which MIGHT be an example of foreshadowing - save these and check if they were correct at the end of...

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