Love in the Time of Cholera Character Descriptions

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Florentino Ariza - This is the novel's principal romantic who lives out the very unmodern concept of a constant heart. A telegraph operator with a passion for music and books (he is a voracious reader of both classic and popular literature, especially poetry), he falls in love with the teenage Fermina, who is teaching her aunt to read.

Transito Ariza - The devotion of this character, a pawnbroker who gave birth to him after an illicit affair, seems to veer into eroticism. She advises him not to overwhelm young Fermina with so many ardent letters, and she later helps him recover from the cholera-like symptoms of thwarted love.

Fermina Daza - When Florentino first sees this character, she is the beautiful, haughty young daughter of a wealthy but disreputable horse dealer. She is sent on a journey by her father in the hope that she will...

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