Love in the Time of Cholera Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapter 1

• Dr. Urbino is called to a friends house certify the death of a disabled man.

• The disabled man did not want to become old, so he committed suicide.

• He used cyanide, which leaves behind a smell like bitter almonds. This reminds Dr. Urbino of unrequited love.

• Narrator tells of very strong bond between Dr. Urbino and his wife.

• Though they fight about trivial things, they remain together and in love.

• This tale provides the introduction of the main characters of this chapter: Dr. Urbino and his wife Fermina.

• Dr. Urbino returns home, hoping to nap after certifying the death.

• Dr. Urbino's nap hopes end when the household parrot escapes.

• He tells them to send for the fire department.

• In bed that night, he becomes convinced his days are limited

• While he is awake, he sees the parrot in a tree.

• He gets out a ladder and climbs...

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