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Short Answer Questions

1. Leopolda claims she is interested in Marie in particular because:

2. Nector's only movie role was:

3. When Nector compares himself to a fish failing to breathe in an airless space, this comparison reflects:

4. What feeling will not allow Marie to rejoice in her defeat of Leopolda?

5. When Nector arrives, what does Marie do with the letter?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the effect of Erdrich's motif of weather on the events of the chapter.

2. What is Nector's opinion of Marie's family?

3. Describe the voice of Lyman Lamartine as narrator.

4. Describe King's behavior in this chapter.

5. How does Beverly's past as a veteran affect his thoughts about Lulu?

6. What do Gerry and his unborn child have in common?

7. What part do the geese play in Nector's meeting with Marie?

8. Explain the symbol of the weigh station.

9. In what way is Marie the "foundation" of Lipsha's life?

10. When June holds her doorknob in the bathroom stall, the author states, "Her room was locked. And she was ready for him now." In what way does the locked room prepare June for Andy?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

The stories in Erdrich's novel are sometimes told in first person point of view, and sometimes in third person point of view. Consider the effect this choice has on the reader's understanding of characters and events. Using specific examples, defend or refute Erdrich's choice to vary point of view in her novel.

Essay Topic 2

A character foil contrasts with the protagonist or another character in order to clarify or sharpen certain aspects of their personalities. Choose any two characters from the novel and describe the relationship between them as that of character foils. Identify any personalty traits they share or traits that show a contrast between them.

Essay Topic 3

Erdrich describes many vehicles throughout the novel, often using them to define characters or lifestyles. Choose 3 characters whose vehicles are described in Love Medicine, and explore their representation of characters of events. What ideas does Erdrich reveal through the vehicles her characters own or drive?

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