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Short Answer Questions

1. Nector does not notice Marie because:

2. Why does everyone seem wary of King's new car?

3. What interrupts Eli and Marie's exchange in the kitchen?

4. The conversation between Zelda and Aurelia suggests what about their personalities?

5. What breaks June down into "someone whose shoulders sag when they think no one is looking?"

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Lulu's attitude toward men?

2. Describe the character of Gerry Nanapush.

3. What might the eggs Andy peels, and June consumes, represent? What do eggs symbolize?

4. Because Nector attended a white school and could no longer remember his past, and Eli was educated by his relatives and still had his wits, what is suggested about white schooling for Native Americans?

5. Describe Albertine's motivation for staying with Henry though she is afraid.

6. Explain the course of events that leads to Lulu's house burning down.

7. Consider the chapter title "The Bridge." Explain the meaning you derive from this title.

8. Describe the character of Sister Mary Martin de Porres.

9. How is the title "Love Medicine" reflected in the chapter itself.

10. Several references in the chapter compare Marie to a fish. What are connotations of these comparisons?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Erdrich uses some Native American dialect in her novel.Choose at least three examples of dialect from the novel and explain how they contribute to the reader's understanding of character, theme, or conflict.

Essay Topic 2

Consider the roles of men and women in Erdrich's novel. In your essay, reflect on the traditional roles portrayed by the male and female characters, and the characters who defy tradition. Describe Erdrich's attitude toward the traditional roles of men and women, and use examples to support your point.

Essay Topic 3

Consider the structure of Erdrich's novel. In your essay, evaluate the effectiveness of the short-story-like chapters and multiple narrators. Does Erdrich's structure add to or detract from the themes? Why?

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