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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Leopolda claims Marie has received the stigmata because:
(a) Leopolda believes Marie has humility of spirit.
(b) Leopolda has to cover up the fact that she stabbed Marie.
(c) Leopolda has forgiven Marie.
(d) Leopolda wants to gain attention by claiming the stigmata.

2. Nector does not notice Marie because:
(a) He is daydreaming about Lulu Nanapush.
(b) He has just broken up with Lulu Nanapush.
(c) He is preoccupied with the geese.
(d) He is not interested in white girls.

3. Why does June carry a doorknob in her purse?
(a) The doorknob is a weapon she uses against men.
(b) The doorknob continuously falls off of her door.
(c) Taking off the doorknob is the only way to lock her room.
(d) The doorknob brings June good luck.

4. Comparing the size of her ignorance to the length of the sky, Marie attempts to convey that:
(a) Her ignorance was no hindrance to her.
(b) Her ignorance was pure and wide.
(c) Her ignorance spanned the globe.
(d) Her ignorance was part of her atmosphere.

5. During their power struggle, Marie realizes:
(a) She does not want Leopolda to die.
(b) She wants to go and get Nector back.
(c) She cannot take the spoon because Leopolda needs it.
(d) She still needs Leopolda to save her from darkness.

Short Answer Questions

1. Leopolda claims she is interested in Marie in particular because:

2. The fish images in the story imply:

3. Albertine's mother does not tell her about June's death because:

4. King's exchange with his wife Lynette suggests what?

5. Nector's comparison of wounded animals to "killed saints" is ironic because:

Short Essay Questions

1. Aside from good and evil, what other conflicting forces is Marie struggling with?

2. Albertine's pun on the chapter title "Patient Abuse" in her nursing textbook implies what two ideas?

3. What do Howard Kashpaw's actions reveal?

4. What does the motif of coldness suggest in the chapter?

5. Consider the title "Crown of Thorns." What is suggested by the title and the use of the phrase within the chapter?

6. Describe Albertine's motivation for staying with Henry though she is afraid.

7. Why is Lulu interested in Lipsha Morrisey knowing the truth about his parents?

8. What does the mood of the chapter suggest about Nector and Marie's future?

9. What images of dark and light might symbolize good and bad in "Saint Marie?"

10. Describe Nector and Lulu's relationship.

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