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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The physical obstacle between Nector and Marie arises from:
(a) The lack of money in their household.
(b) The number of stray children Marie takes in.
(c) The lack of food on their table.
(d) Nector's inability to stay home and stay sober.

2. The beads around June's neck are:
(a) A rosary given to her by the nuns at the convent.
(b) The inheritance left to her by her father.
(c) A rosary given to her by the Crees who found her.
(d) Spirit beads left to her by her mother.

3. Marie's quiet behavior after the scalding leads the other nuns to believe:
(a) She is in extreme pain.
(b) She is punishing Leopolda.
(c) She is humble and docile.
(d) She will be a saint someday.

4. Why does Albertine think King and Lipsha don't get along?
(a) They are half-brothers, which was a family secret.
(b) King was June's son, but Gordie always liked Lipsha better.
(c) King tried to take a potshot at Lipsha when they were hunting.
(d) They used to fight when they were young, and now they don't like each other.

5. When Zelda delivers the letter, what does Marie do?
(a) Reads the letter immediately, not caring who sees.
(b) Bursts into tears.
(c) Blames Zelda for the day's unhappy events.
(d) Tells her to change her clothes, then reads the letter.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does June carry a doorknob in her purse?

2. Lulu's fainting at Henry's funeral suggests:

3. Why does Albertine feel the government's policy of allotment was a joke?

4. When Leopolda applies the salve to Marie's burns, Marie sees this as a sign of what?

5. Leopolda's words "Help me, Marie" before they take the loaves from the oven imply:

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Marie and Leopolda's relationship.

2. Why did the author have Zelda find the letter from Nector rather than Marie?

3. Aside from good and evil, what other conflicting forces is Marie struggling with?

4. Why is Lulu interested in Lipsha Morrisey knowing the truth about his parents?

5. Identify two examples of irony in the chapter.

6. Describe the character of Gerry Nanapush.

7. Describe the voice of Lyman Lamartine as narrator.

8. Consider the motif of brokenness in chapter 1. Choose two people or events, or things that are "broken" and make a connection between them.

9. What is Lulu's attitude toward men?

10. Why is the chapter presented in third person?

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