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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Gerry believes he cannot be held by any prison because:
(a) He knows all the
(b) He is a Chippewa.
(c) He is innocent.
(d) He is fast and sneaky.

2. Henry's reparation of the car helps him:
(a) Show his family that he is not as damaged as they think he is.
(b) Make up for deserting Lyman earlier in the chapter.
(c) Begin to heal by making sense of something broken.
(d) Earn his keep while living uinder his mother's roof.

3. Marie admits that Lipsha was always her favorite after:
(a) Zelda tells Lipsha to go away at the funeral.
(b) He tells her that Nector's love is what keeps his ghost by her side.
(c) Nector chokes to death.
(d) He tells her he has acquired the goose hearts.

4. Eli's behavior toward Gordie suggests:
(a) He is exactly the same as Gordie.
(b) He has no patience for Gordie's alcholism.
(c) He blames Gordie for June's death.
(d) He cares for Gordie and is honest with him.

5. The cold weather that drives Henry and Lyman back to the reservation after their visit to Alaska foreshadows:
(a) Lyman's last chance to travel off the reservation.
(b) Winter is approaching.
(c) An unfortunate event is waiting for them at home.
(d) Their fun trip is over.

6. Lulu believes she cannot cry because:
(a) She doesn't understand why anyone cries.
(b) She doesn't actually love anyone other than herself.
(c) She used up all of her tears crying as a child.
(d) She has been afraid to cry since she was a child.

7. Lulu gets restitution for her land because:
(a) She threatens to reveal the fathers of her children.
(b) She gains the sympathy of the tribal council.
(c) She demands money in exchange for her home.
(d) She manipulates Nector into helping her.

8. Albertine is in Fargo because:
(a) She is running away from home.
(b) She is on her way to college.
(c) She is looking for Henry Lamartine.
(d) She wants to see the city.

9. In what way is Lipsha "the only one that's ignorant?"
(a) He is the only one who is not a true Kashpaw.
(b) He is the only one who doesn't go to school.
(c) He is the only one who doesn't know his mother was June.
(d) He is the only one who does not belong at the retirement home.

10. To drown out the sight and sound of June's ghost, what does Gordie do?
(a) Turns on all the lights and appliances.
(b) Sits in his car with the radio on.
(c) Goes back to Uncle Eli's house.
(d) Drinks as much as he can as fast as he can.

11. Henry is never still because:
(a) He is upset about leaving his family on the reservation.
(b) He is nervous about Albertine watching him.
(c) He is scarred from his experiences as a prisoner of war.
(d) He is afraid of the authorities in Fargo.

12. A symbol of Dot's overwhelming love might be:
(a) The pile of bones Gerry left in her yard.
(b) Her high, square-shaped belly.
(c) Her diligent production of milk for the baby.
(d) Her grown-out orange hairdo.

13. Lipsha believes Nector is having a "second childhood" because:
(a) Nector has chosen to retreat inside himself in order to think.
(b) Nector wants to pretend he doesn't understand the adult world anymore.
(c) Nector just wants to think and act like a child.
(d) Nector has simply slipped into old age.

14. The trait that will keep Lipsha out of the army is:
(a) His father's prison record.
(b) His
(c) His irregular heartbeat.
(d) His Kashpaw heritage.

15. Marie's statement that "somebody had to put the tears in your eyes" suggests:
(a) She believes Nector's death has hurt Lulu.
(b) She wants to hurt Lulu the way Lulu hurt her.
(c) She sees that Lulu had to learn love and loss somehow.
(d) She knows that Lulu's son could not help her put in her eye drops.

Short Answer Questions

1. At the hotel, Henry and Albertine sign the register as:

2. Henry appears to be:

3. When Nector appears to Lulu after his death she discovers:

4. Nector yells his prayers in church because he believes:

5. The darkness of the night "lifting" coincides with Sister Mary's discovery that:

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