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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In what way is Lipsha "the only one that's ignorant?"
(a) He is the only one who doesn't know his mother was June.
(b) He is the only one who is not a true Kashpaw.
(c) He is the only one who does not belong at the retirement home.
(d) He is the only one who doesn't go to school.

2. The knocking in the trunk of the firebird is caused by:
(a) Gerry hiding in the trunk.
(b) Lipsha's inadequate driving.
(c) King's belongings in the trunk.
(d) A loose jack in the trunk.

3. While Albertine is changing in the bathroom, Henry:
(a) Tells her stories through the door.
(b) Has a flashback to Viet Nam.
(c) Feels a desperate need to get home and leaves.
(d) Gets sick and passes out.

4. Gordie sees another example of the universe's contempt for him when:
(a) He begins shaking.
(b) He can not find the key to open the trunk of his car.
(c) He is almost hit by an oncoming car.
(d) He hits a deer who has a new fawn.

5. Gordie drives to town in order to:
(a) Trade a deer for liquor.
(b) Tell people he has seen June.
(c) Get more bottles of liquor.
(d) Avoid getting in another fight with June.

6. Marie's statement that Nector "has to have his candy" refers to:
(a) His affair with Lulu and his literal love of candy.
(b) His refusal to allow Marie to control him.
(c) His belief that candy allows him to have his second childhood.
(d) His refusal to accept that he has diabetes.

7. A symbol of Dot's overwhelming love might be:
(a) Her high, square-shaped belly.
(b) Her diligent production of milk for the baby.
(c) Her grown-out orange hairdo.
(d) The pile of bones Gerry left in her yard.

8. Lulu enters her burning house because:
(a) She wants to save her belongings.
(b) Lyman is trying to put out the fire.
(c) Lyman is napping inside it.
(d) She wants to die inside it.

9. Lipsha wins the hand of poker because:
(a) Gerry has cheated for him.
(b) He has marked all the cards.
(c) He has beginner's luck.
(d) He is the best player.

10. For what is Lipsha tired of thanking his grandmother?
(a) Giving Nector a second chance.
(b) Saving him from his mother.
(c) Giving him the touch.
(d) Leaving Lulu Lamartine alone.

11. Henry continues to tell himself to "advise restraint" throughout the evening in order to:
(a) Keep himself from acting suddenly or violently.
(b) Keep himself from drinking too much.
(c) Keep himself from running away from Albertine.
(d) Keep himself from breaking the bathroom door down.

12. In one sense, the title of the chapter, "A bridge," comes from:
(a) The place where Henry and Albertine met.
(b) The trick Albertine does with her barrette in the bus station.
(c) The bar trick Henry does with knives and glasses.
(d) A reflection Henry sees in the pawnshop window.

13. Marie's statement that "somebody had to put the tears in your eyes" suggests:
(a) She sees that Lulu had to learn love and loss somehow.
(b) She believes Nector's death has hurt Lulu.
(c) She knows that Lulu's son could not help her put in her eye drops.
(d) She wants to hurt Lulu the way Lulu hurt her.

14. Gerry accepts:
(a) That King turned him in for his own good.
(b) That Lipsha won June's car fair and square.
(c) That Lipsha is his son.
(d) That June loved Gordie more than him.

15. To drown out the sight and sound of June's ghost, what does Gordie do?
(a) Drinks as much as he can as fast as he can.
(b) Goes back to Uncle Eli's house.
(c) Turns on all the lights and appliances.
(d) Sits in his car with the radio on.

Short Answer Questions

1. The darkness of the night "lifting" coincides with Sister Mary's discovery that:

2. The fact that Lyman cannot keep the positions of the North and South Vietnamese soldiers straight implies:

3. Sister Mary could be described as:

4. Henry shrieks when Albertine touches him because:

5. What final image connects Gordie to June's death?

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