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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The trait that will keep Lipsha out of the army is:
(a) His Kashpaw heritage.
(b) His irregular heartbeat.
(c) His father's prison record.
(d) His

2. Grandma Kashpaw shows Lipsha the hiding place for her money because:
(a) She is afraid the money will be stolen.
(b) She is indirectly offering him the money.
(c) She wants him to help her protect the money.
(d) She thinks he needs money to buy his way out of the army.

3. Henry and Albertine need each other because:
(a) They are both running away and lost.
(b) They don't have enough money to survive on their own.
(c) They don't get along with anyone else.
(d) They are both estranged from their families.

4. Eli's behavior toward Gordie suggests:
(a) He blames Gordie for June's death.
(b) He is exactly the same as Gordie.
(c) He has no patience for Gordie's alcholism.
(d) He cares for Gordie and is honest with him.

5. The allusion to the story of Jesus Christ when Henry eats his own blood mixed with bread suggests:
(a) Henry believes he will save his people.
(b) Henry does not have a faith any longer.
(c) Henry will be persecuted for his actions in the war.
(d) Henry was a sacrifice in the Viet Nam war.

6. Lulu learns of Nector's death when:
(a) Lipsha visits her.
(b) Marie visits her.
(c) Lyman tells her about it.
(d) Nector chokes on the turkey heart.

7. Three motifs that appear in the chapter are:
(a) The weather, darkness, and cars.
(b) Money, water, and blood.
(c) The weather, darkness, and water.
(d) Water, brotherhood, and girls.

8. In one sense, the title of the chapter, "A bridge," comes from:
(a) The place where Henry and Albertine met.
(b) The trick Albertine does with her barrette in the bus station.
(c) The bar trick Henry does with knives and glasses.
(d) A reflection Henry sees in the pawnshop window.

9. Gordie sees another example of the universe's contempt for him when:
(a) He begins shaking.
(b) He is almost hit by an oncoming car.
(c) He hits a deer who has a new fawn.
(d) He can not find the key to open the trunk of his car.

10. Lipsha believes his grandmother will not blame him entirely for Nector's death because:
(a) He kept Nector away from Lulu.
(b) She deceived him with the love medicine that caused him to choke.
(c) Zelda has shielded him.
(d) Lipsha looks after her and Grandpa.

11. Lipsha wins the hand of poker because:
(a) Gerry has cheated for him.
(b) He is the best player.
(c) He has beginner's luck.
(d) He has marked all the cards.

12. As a child Lulu discovered:
(a) The body of a dead man in the woods.
(b) Dead animals under the leaves in the woods.
(c) She was in love with Nector Kashpaw.
(d) A hiding place to escape the government school.

13. Gordie drives to town in order to:
(a) Tell people he has seen June.
(b) Trade a deer for liquor.
(c) Avoid getting in another fight with June.
(d) Get more bottles of liquor.

14. The incident that convinces Lipsha to make the love medicine is:
(a) When Nector enters his.
(b) When he learns that Nector has been.
(c) When he learns that Nector's rare lucid time is spent.
(d) When Nector starts.

15. How does Lyman describe the image of himself and Henry in their last photo?
(a) Both boys sitting on the bank of the river.
(b) Henry's face haunting him from inside the closet door.
(c) He and Henry smiling in the sun.
(d) His own face out in the sun and Henry's pulled back in the shadows.

Short Answer Questions

1. Albertine reminds Henry of:

2. The images Lipsha creates of the dandelions at the end of the chapter may also represent:

3. When Nector appears to Lulu after his death she discovers:

4. Henry's reparation of the car helps him:

5. At the end of the chapter, Lipsha's intention is to:

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