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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Grandma Kashpaw shows Lipsha the hiding place for her money because:
(a) She is afraid the money will be stolen.
(b) She is indirectly offering him the money.
(c) She thinks he needs money to buy his way out of the army.
(d) She wants him to help her protect the money.

2. How does Lyman describe the image of himself and Henry in their last photo?
(a) His own face out in the sun and Henry's pulled back in the shadows.
(b) Henry's face haunting him from inside the closet door.
(c) Both boys sitting on the bank of the river.
(d) He and Henry smiling in the sun.

3. Albertine reminds Henry of:
(a) The displaced people in Viet Nam traveling with their belongings.
(b) His mother when she was younger.
(c) One of his relatives from the reservation who died in Viet Nam.
(d) A girl he met in a village in Viet Nam who blew herself up.

4. Lipsha thinks his love medicine didn't work because:
(a) He couldn't get the blessing of the priest.
(b) Nector refused to eat the turkey heart.
(c) It was only a deception.
(d) Nector was destined to be with Lulu.

5. Lipsha wins the hand of poker because:
(a) He has marked all the cards.
(b) He has beginner's luck.
(c) Gerry has cheated for him.
(d) He is the best player.

6. Nector yells his prayers in church because he believes:
(a) God is going deaf and cannot hear him otherwise.
(b) He only remembers them if he says them loudly.
(c) He doesn't mean the prayers unless he yells them.
(d) The other people in church need to be reminded of the prayers.

7. To drown out the sight and sound of June's ghost, what does Gordie do?
(a) Goes back to Uncle Eli's house.
(b) Turns on all the lights and appliances.
(c) Sits in his car with the radio on.
(d) Drinks as much as he can as fast as he can.

8. Albertine is in Fargo because:
(a) She is on her way to college.
(b) She is looking for Henry Lamartine.
(c) She wants to see the city.
(d) She is running away from home.

9. Nector's death could be described as:
(a) Painless and uneventful.
(b) Peaceful and private.
(c) Terrifying and prolonged.
(d) Sudden and unresisted.

10. Eli's behavior toward Gordie suggests:
(a) He cares for Gordie and is honest with him.
(b) He blames Gordie for June's death.
(c) He has no patience for Gordie's alcholism.
(d) He is exactly the same as Gordie.

11. The boys decided to take the car out for a drive because:
(a) Lyman felt guilty for banging it up.
(b) Henry had fixed it and the weather was finally warm enough.
(c) Henry wanted to make sure it ran for Lyman.
(d) Henry wanted to drive it before they pushed it in the river.

12. Three motifs that appear in the chapter are:
(a) Money, water, and blood.
(b) The weather, darkness, and water.
(c) The weather, darkness, and cars.
(d) Water, brotherhood, and girls.

13. The event that ends Lulu and Nector's affair is:
(a) Nector won't leave his wife.
(b) Nector is attacked by Lulu's dogs.
(c) Nector burns down Lulu's house.
(d) Nector signs Lulu's eviction papers.

14. Lulu is "reborn" at the end of the chapter because:
(a) She has discovered life after death.
(b) She has decided to change her ways.
(c) She has the ability to
(d) She cannot take care of herself.

15. Sister Mary hears Gordie's confession because:
(a) He believes she is a priest.
(b) She can tell that he hasn't really killed anyone.
(c) She knows he has murdered his wife.
(d) She can tell that he is weeping.

Short Answer Questions

1. Albertine spends a great deal of time in the bathroom because:

2. Albertine thinks baby Shawn will be as heavy as any truck load because:

3. Gordie drives to town in order to:

4. Gerry believes he cannot be held by any prison because:

5. Henry and Albertine need each other because:

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