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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In one sense, the title of the chapter, "A bridge," comes from:
(a) The bar trick Henry does with knives and glasses.
(b) A reflection Henry sees in the pawnshop window.
(c) The trick Albertine does with her barrette in the bus station.
(d) The place where Henry and Albertine met.

2. At the hotel, Henry and Albertine sign the register as:
(a) Mr. and Mrs. Lamartine.
(b) Mr. and Mrs. Howdy Doody.
(c) Mr. and Mrs. Whatever
(d) Mr. and Mrs. President Nixon.

3. Lulu is "reborn" at the end of the chapter because:
(a) She has discovered life after death.
(b) She has decided to change her ways.
(c) She has the ability to
(d) She cannot take care of herself.

4. The trait that will keep Lipsha out of the army is:
(a) His
(b) His Kashpaw heritage.
(c) His irregular heartbeat.
(d) His father's prison record.

5. In what way is Lipsha "the only one that's ignorant?"
(a) He is the only one who is not a true Kashpaw.
(b) He is the only one who doesn't know his mother was June.
(c) He is the only one who doesn't go to school.
(d) He is the only one who does not belong at the retirement home.

6. As a child Lulu discovered:
(a) Dead animals under the leaves in the woods.
(b) She was in love with Nector Kashpaw.
(c) The body of a dead man in the woods.
(d) A hiding place to escape the government school.

7. Why does Gordie believe he has brought out June's ghost?
(a) He spoke her name aloud.
(b) He prayed for her return.
(c) He went through her possessions.
(d) He reminisced about her at Eli's house.

8. Albertine and Dot's initial conflict arises because:
(a) Albertine is having Gerry's baby.
(b) Dot thinks Albertine is flirting with Gerry.
(c) Dot thinks Albertine turned Gerry over to the police.
(d) Albertine threw her coffee in Dot's face.

9. The fact that Lyman cannot keep the positions of the North and South Vietnamese soldiers straight implies:
(a) He doesn't care where Henry went.
(b) He doesn't want to know about Henry's experiences in the war.
(c) He is not concerned with the details of their war.
(d) Lyman has never been good with geography.

10. When Albertine says she "would never know how heavy a ton was unless it fell on [her]" she suggests:
(a) She does not really approve of Dot and Gerry's relationship.
(b) She has not known the same kind of love as Dot and Gerry.
(c) That love can not be measured.
(d) She does not really understand her job.

11. Marie admits that Lipsha was always her favorite after:
(a) He tells her that Nector's love is what keeps his ghost by her side.
(b) Zelda tells Lipsha to go away at the funeral.
(c) Nector chokes to death.
(d) He tells her he has acquired the goose hearts.

12. Three motifs that appear in the chapter are:
(a) Money, water, and blood.
(b) The weather, darkness, and water.
(c) The weather, darkness, and cars.
(d) Water, brotherhood, and girls.

13. Marie's statement that Nector "has to have his candy" refers to:
(a) His affair with Lulu and his literal love of candy.
(b) His refusal to accept that he has diabetes.
(c) His refusal to allow Marie to control him.
(d) His belief that candy allows him to have his second childhood.

14. Dot's most outstanding characteristic is:
(a) She is direct.
(b) She is an escaped convict.
(c) She never gets angry.
(d) She hates pissants.

15. The incident that convinces Lipsha to make the love medicine is:
(a) When Nector starts.
(b) When Nector enters his.
(c) When he learns that Nector's rare lucid time is spent.
(d) When he learns that Nector has been.

Short Answer Questions

1. Henry appears to be:

2. When Albertine suggests that for Gerry "it was perhaps the very first time in his life he had something to run for," the 'something' she refers to is:

3. Lulu learns of Nector's death when:

4. The boys decided to take the car out for a drive because:

5. A symbol of Dot's overwhelming love might be:

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