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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The event that ends Lulu and Nector's affair is:
(a) Nector burns down Lulu's house.
(b) Nector is attacked by Lulu's dogs.
(c) Nector signs Lulu's eviction papers.
(d) Nector won't leave his wife.

2. When Gerry says he will never really have a home, he suggests:
(a) He does not believe anyone will ever love him.
(b) He will always be on the run, so normal life is impossible.
(c) He can not afford a real house.
(d) He does not know where he belongs.

3. Lulu is interested in Marie because:
(a) She wants to snap her fingers and make Marie disappear.
(b) She wants to join one of the committees Marie organized.
(c) She wants to know what Marie thought during Lulu's affair with Nector.
(d) She believes Marie is gossiping about her.

4. Lyman's final act of homage to his brother Henry in the chapter comes when:
(a) He destroys the picture of himself and Henry.
(b) He walks away from the reservation for good.
(c) He goes back to Alaska to find the girl.
(d) He pushes the red convertible into the river.

5. Marie's statement that "somebody had to put the tears in your eyes" suggests:
(a) She knows that Lulu's son could not help her put in her eye drops.
(b) She wants to hurt Lulu the way Lulu hurt her.
(c) She sees that Lulu had to learn love and loss somehow.
(d) She believes Nector's death has hurt Lulu.

6. Why does Gordie believe he has brought out June's ghost?
(a) He reminisced about her at Eli's house.
(b) He went through her possessions.
(c) He spoke her name aloud.
(d) He prayed for her return.

7. Albertine believes Gerry's main problem is:
(a) He believes in justice.
(b) He was restless.
(c) He believe in laws and authority.
(d) He doesn't have any white friends.

8. Lulu gets restitution for her land because:
(a) She gains the sympathy of the tribal council.
(b) She demands money in exchange for her home.
(c) She threatens to reveal the fathers of her children.
(d) She manipulates Nector into helping her.

9. When Lulu sees Nector at the Senior Citizens Center she says he is more like himself than ever before because:
(a) Now he concentrates only on his own desires.
(b) He ignores Lulu.
(c) He doesn't recognize those he loves.
(d) He still wants Lulu.

10. Albertine thinks baby Shawn will be as heavy as any truck load because:
(a) She is so full of life and energy from both her parents.
(b) She is being weighed on a heavy scale.
(c) She has two very large parents.
(d) She is being weighed in one of her heavy knit suits.

11. Lulu is "reborn" at the end of the chapter because:
(a) She has the ability to
(b) She has discovered life after death.
(c) She has decided to change her ways.
(d) She cannot take care of herself.

12. Lipsha believes his grandmother will not blame him entirely for Nector's death because:
(a) Zelda has shielded him.
(b) Lipsha looks after her and Grandpa.
(c) She deceived him with the love medicine that caused him to choke.
(d) He kept Nector away from Lulu.

13. How does Lyman describe the image of himself and Henry in their last photo?
(a) Henry's face haunting him from inside the closet door.
(b) His own face out in the sun and Henry's pulled back in the shadows.
(c) Both boys sitting on the bank of the river.
(d) He and Henry smiling in the sun.

14. Henry's reparation of the car helps him:
(a) Make up for deserting Lyman earlier in the chapter.
(b) Earn his keep while living uinder his mother's roof.
(c) Begin to heal by making sense of something broken.
(d) Show his family that he is not as damaged as they think he is.

15. Gerry is difficult for Dot to hide because:
(a) He never stays in one place.
(b) He never cleans up after himself.
(c) He eats so much.
(d) He is so large and distinct looking.

Short Answer Questions

1. Dot's most outstanding characteristic is:

2. Lipsha believes Nector is having a "second childhood" because:

3. The mood of the city is:

4. The cold weather that drives Henry and Lyman back to the reservation after their visit to Alaska foreshadows:

5. Lipsha thinks his love medicine didn't work because:

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