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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Albertine thinks baby Shawn will be as heavy as any truck load because:
(a) She is so full of life and energy from both her parents.
(b) She has two very large parents.
(c) She is being weighed on a heavy scale.
(d) She is being weighed in one of her heavy knit suits.

2. Albertine reminds Henry of:
(a) His mother when she was younger.
(b) One of his relatives from the reservation who died in Viet Nam.
(c) A girl he met in a village in Viet Nam who blew herself up.
(d) The displaced people in Viet Nam traveling with their belongings.

3. Lulu uses the term "dreamstuff" to describe:
(a) Anything worth hoping for.
(b) False longing or foolishness.
(c) Unattainable dreams.
(d) Passion and lust.

4. Nector yells his prayers in church because he believes:
(a) God is going deaf and cannot hear him otherwise.
(b) He only remembers them if he says them loudly.
(c) The other people in church need to be reminded of the prayers.
(d) He doesn't mean the prayers unless he yells them.

5. Albertine believes Gerry's main problem is:
(a) He doesn't have any white friends.
(b) He believe in laws and authority.
(c) He was restless.
(d) He believes in justice.

6. The event that ends Lulu and Nector's affair is:
(a) Nector is attacked by Lulu's dogs.
(b) Nector won't leave his wife.
(c) Nector signs Lulu's eviction papers.
(d) Nector burns down Lulu's house.

7. The cold weather that drives Henry and Lyman back to the reservation after their visit to Alaska foreshadows:
(a) Their fun trip is over.
(b) Winter is approaching.
(c) Lyman's last chance to travel off the reservation.
(d) An unfortunate event is waiting for them at home.

8. Lulu is "reborn" at the end of the chapter because:
(a) She cannot take care of herself.
(b) She has decided to change her ways.
(c) She has the ability to
(d) She has discovered life after death.

9. At the end of the chapter, Lipsha's intention is to:
(a) Continue trying to find himself.
(b) Follow Gerry over the Canadian border.
(c) Return to the reservation.
(d) Make sure King does not turn Gerry in.

10. How does Lyman describe the image of himself and Henry in their last photo?
(a) Both boys sitting on the bank of the river.
(b) Henry's face haunting him from inside the closet door.
(c) He and Henry smiling in the sun.
(d) His own face out in the sun and Henry's pulled back in the shadows.

11. Why does Gordie believe he has brought out June's ghost?
(a) He reminisced about her at Eli's house.
(b) He prayed for her return.
(c) He spoke her name aloud.
(d) He went through her possessions.

12. The boys decided to take the car out for a drive because:
(a) Henry wanted to drive it before they pushed it in the river.
(b) Henry wanted to make sure it ran for Lyman.
(c) Henry had fixed it and the weather was finally warm enough.
(d) Lyman felt guilty for banging it up.

13. At the hotel, Henry and Albertine sign the register as:
(a) Mr. and Mrs. Howdy Doody.
(b) Mr. and Mrs. President Nixon.
(c) Mr. and Mrs. Lamartine.
(d) Mr. and Mrs. Whatever

14. Lipsha believes Nector is having a "second childhood" because:
(a) Nector just wants to think and act like a child.
(b) Nector wants to pretend he doesn't understand the adult world anymore.
(c) Nector has simply slipped into old age.
(d) Nector has chosen to retreat inside himself in order to think.

15. The incident that convinces Lipsha to make the love medicine is:
(a) When Nector enters his.
(b) When he learns that Nector's rare lucid time is spent.
(c) When Nector starts.
(d) When he learns that Nector has been.

Short Answer Questions

1. Lipsha is visiting King and Lynette because:

2. Gerry's most unusual feature is:

3. Gerry believes he cannot be held by any prison because:

4. The allusion to the story of Jesus Christ when Henry eats his own blood mixed with bread suggests:

5. In one sense, the title of the chapter, "A bridge," comes from:

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