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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Albertine thinks baby Shawn will be as heavy as any truck load because:
(a) She has two very large parents.
(b) She is being weighed on a heavy scale.
(c) She is being weighed in one of her heavy knit suits.
(d) She is so full of life and energy from both her parents.

2. Nector's death could be described as:
(a) Peaceful and private.
(b) Sudden and unresisted.
(c) Painless and uneventful.
(d) Terrifying and prolonged.

3. Marie admits that Lipsha was always her favorite after:
(a) Zelda tells Lipsha to go away at the funeral.
(b) He tells her that Nector's love is what keeps his ghost by her side.
(c) He tells her he has acquired the goose hearts.
(d) Nector chokes to death.

4. The boys decided to take the car out for a drive because:
(a) Lyman felt guilty for banging it up.
(b) Henry wanted to drive it before they pushed it in the river.
(c) Henry had fixed it and the weather was finally warm enough.
(d) Henry wanted to make sure it ran for Lyman.

5. In one sense, the title of the chapter, "A bridge," comes from:
(a) The bar trick Henry does with knives and glasses.
(b) A reflection Henry sees in the pawnshop window.
(c) The trick Albertine does with her barrette in the bus station.
(d) The place where Henry and Albertine met.

6. Lulu gets restitution for her land because:
(a) She gains the sympathy of the tribal council.
(b) She demands money in exchange for her home.
(c) She manipulates Nector into helping her.
(d) She threatens to reveal the fathers of her children.

7. Grandma Kashpaw shows Lipsha the hiding place for her money because:
(a) She is afraid the money will be stolen.
(b) She wants him to help her protect the money.
(c) She thinks he needs money to buy his way out of the army.
(d) She is indirectly offering him the money.

8. While Albertine is changing in the bathroom, Henry:
(a) Has a flashback to Viet Nam.
(b) Feels a desperate need to get home and leaves.
(c) Gets sick and passes out.
(d) Tells her stories through the door.

9. Eli's behavior toward Gordie suggests:
(a) He cares for Gordie and is honest with him.
(b) He is exactly the same as Gordie.
(c) He blames Gordie for June's death.
(d) He has no patience for Gordie's alcholism.

10. Henry and Albertine need each other because:
(a) They don't have enough money to survive on their own.
(b) They are both estranged from their families.
(c) They don't get along with anyone else.
(d) They are both running away and lost.

11. At the hotel, Henry and Albertine sign the register as:
(a) Mr. and Mrs. Whatever
(b) Mr. and Mrs. President Nixon.
(c) Mr. and Mrs. Howdy Doody.
(d) Mr. and Mrs. Lamartine.

12. Why does Gordie believe he has brought out June's ghost?
(a) He went through her possessions.
(b) He spoke her name aloud.
(c) He reminisced about her at Eli's house.
(d) He prayed for her return.

13. For what is Lipsha tired of thanking his grandmother?
(a) Giving Nector a second chance.
(b) Giving him the touch.
(c) Leaving Lulu Lamartine alone.
(d) Saving him from his mother.

14. When Howard allows the police into the apartment, who does he believe they are there to arrest?
(a) His mother, Lynette.
(b) His father, King.
(c) Lipsha Morrisey.
(d) Gerry Nanapush.

15. The evidence Albertine finds in the trailer--beer cans and cigarette stubs--suggests:
(a) Dot and Albertine will no longer be working in the trailer.
(b) Dot has been living in the trailer.
(c) Someone has been hiding in one of the trucks.
(d) Gerry has been hiding in the trailer.

Short Answer Questions

1. Gerry accepts:

2. Albertine is in Fargo because:

3. Gordie sees another example of the universe's contempt for him when:

4. What is Lipsha's love medicine?

5. Lipsha is visiting King and Lynette because:

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