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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Lulu is interested in Marie because:
(a) She wants to snap her fingers and make Marie disappear.
(b) She wants to join one of the committees Marie organized.
(c) She wants to know what Marie thought during Lulu's affair with Nector.
(d) She believes Marie is gossiping about her.

2. Henry doesn't want the red convertible anymore because:
(a) He thinks it represents selfishness.
(b) He thinks Lyman deserves it more.
(c) His youthful, passionate, carefree days are over.
(d) He doesn't beleive in material possessions anymore.

3. Lyman Lamartine considers himself lucky because:
(a) He has always been able to make money easily.
(b) He does not need money to survive.
(c) He never has to work very hard.
(d) His ability to make money extends to his relatives and friends.

4. Marie admits that Lipsha was always her favorite after:
(a) He tells her that Nector's love is what keeps his ghost by her side.
(b) He tells her he has acquired the goose hearts.
(c) Nector chokes to death.
(d) Zelda tells Lipsha to go away at the funeral.

5. Lipsha is visiting King and Lynette because:
(a) He wants information about Gerry Nanapush.
(b) He wants to admit he was never a Kashpaw.
(c) He wants King to admit they are brothers.
(d) He wants to claim King's firebird.

6. Gerry believes he cannot be held by any prison because:
(a) He is a Chippewa.
(b) He is innocent.
(c) He knows all the
(d) He is fast and sneaky.

7. Henry is never still because:
(a) He is nervous about Albertine watching him.
(b) He is upset about leaving his family on the reservation.
(c) He is scarred from his experiences as a prisoner of war.
(d) He is afraid of the authorities in Fargo.

8. Lipsha believes his grandmother will not blame him entirely for Nector's death because:
(a) He kept Nector away from Lulu.
(b) Zelda has shielded him.
(c) She deceived him with the love medicine that caused him to choke.
(d) Lipsha looks after her and Grandpa.

9. Albertine and Dot's initial conflict arises because:
(a) Albertine threw her coffee in Dot's face.
(b) Albertine is having Gerry's baby.
(c) Dot thinks Albertine turned Gerry over to the police.
(d) Dot thinks Albertine is flirting with Gerry.

10. The allusion to the story of Jesus Christ when Henry eats his own blood mixed with bread suggests:
(a) Henry was a sacrifice in the Viet Nam war.
(b) Henry believes he will save his people.
(c) Henry does not have a faith any longer.
(d) Henry will be persecuted for his actions in the war.

11. Gordie sees another example of the universe's contempt for him when:
(a) He can not find the key to open the trunk of his car.
(b) He begins shaking.
(c) He hits a deer who has a new fawn.
(d) He is almost hit by an oncoming car.

12. The cold weather that drives Henry and Lyman back to the reservation after their visit to Alaska foreshadows:
(a) Their fun trip is over.
(b) Winter is approaching.
(c) Lyman's last chance to travel off the reservation.
(d) An unfortunate event is waiting for them at home.

13. For what is Lipsha tired of thanking his grandmother?
(a) Leaving Lulu Lamartine alone.
(b) Saving him from his mother.
(c) Giving Nector a second chance.
(d) Giving him the touch.

14. The family does not seek help for Henry's depression because:
(a) The veteran's hospital only medicates patients, and the medicine man wants revenge on Henry's mother.
(b) The veteran's hospital is too far away, and the medicine man thinks Henry is a lost soul.
(c) Henry's mother believes the medicine man is a fake, and they cannot afford the veteran's hospital.
(d) Henry refuses help from anyone.

15. The trait that will keep Lipsha out of the army is:
(a) His Kashpaw heritage.
(b) His
(c) His irregular heartbeat.
(d) His father's prison record.

Short Answer Questions

1. In what way is Lipsha "the only one that's ignorant?"

2. Henry's reparation of the car helps him:

3. To drown out the sight and sound of June's ghost, what does Gordie do?

4. At the hotel, Henry and Albertine sign the register as:

5. When Howard allows the police into the apartment, who does he believe they are there to arrest?

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