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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Nector appears to Lulu after his death she discovers:
(a) She can keep him with her by saying his name aloud.
(b) He has loved her more than Marie all along.
(c) There are worlds beyond what she can see.
(d) There is no such thing as death.

2. For what is Lipsha tired of thanking his grandmother?
(a) Saving him from his mother.
(b) Giving him the touch.
(c) Leaving Lulu Lamartine alone.
(d) Giving Nector a second chance.

3. The darkness of the night "lifting" coincides with Sister Mary's discovery that:
(a) Gordie was a drunk who needed her help.
(b) Gordie had not killed his wife, but a deer.
(c) She had not awakened any of the nuns with her clarinet.
(d) Gordie had run away and was no longer a threat.

4. Gordie drives to town in order to:
(a) Avoid getting in another fight with June.
(b) Trade a deer for liquor.
(c) Get more bottles of liquor.
(d) Tell people he has seen June.

5. The allusion to the story of Jesus Christ when Henry eats his own blood mixed with bread suggests:
(a) Henry will be persecuted for his actions in the war.
(b) Henry was a sacrifice in the Viet Nam war.
(c) Henry believes he will save his people.
(d) Henry does not have a faith any longer.

6. Henry continues to tell himself to "advise restraint" throughout the evening in order to:
(a) Keep himself from running away from Albertine.
(b) Keep himself from breaking the bathroom door down.
(c) Keep himself from acting suddenly or violently.
(d) Keep himself from drinking too much.

7. Albertine believes Gerry's main problem is:
(a) He believe in laws and authority.
(b) He believes in justice.
(c) He was restless.
(d) He doesn't have any white friends.

8. Marie's statement that Nector "has to have his candy" refers to:
(a) His refusal to allow Marie to control him.
(b) His refusal to accept that he has diabetes.
(c) His affair with Lulu and his literal love of candy.
(d) His belief that candy allows him to have his second childhood.

9. The event that ends Lulu and Nector's affair is:
(a) Nector burns down Lulu's house.
(b) Nector signs Lulu's eviction papers.
(c) Nector won't leave his wife.
(d) Nector is attacked by Lulu's dogs.

10. After Gordie kills the deer with the crow bar:
(a) He imagines the deer is accusing him of cowardice.
(b) He imagines he has killed June.
(c) He imagines he has confessed it to the priest.
(d) He imagines she is blaming him for June's death.

11. Albertine is in Fargo because:
(a) She wants to see the city.
(b) She is running away from home.
(c) She is looking for Henry Lamartine.
(d) She is on her way to college.

12. The family does not seek help for Henry's depression because:
(a) The veteran's hospital only medicates patients, and the medicine man wants revenge on Henry's mother.
(b) Henry refuses help from anyone.
(c) Henry's mother believes the medicine man is a fake, and they cannot afford the veteran's hospital.
(d) The veteran's hospital is too far away, and the medicine man thinks Henry is a lost soul.

13. The mood of the city is:
(a) Slow, tired, and deserted.
(b) Fearful and loathsome.
(c) Bustling, dark, and furtive.
(d) Exciting and giddy.

14. Lulu gets restitution for her land because:
(a) She gains the sympathy of the tribal council.
(b) She manipulates Nector into helping her.
(c) She threatens to reveal the fathers of her children.
(d) She demands money in exchange for her home.

15. Lipsha wins the hand of poker because:
(a) He has beginner's luck.
(b) He is the best player.
(c) He has marked all the cards.
(d) Gerry has cheated for him.

Short Answer Questions

1. Lulu enters her burning house because:

2. Why does Gordie believe he has brought out June's ghost?

3. Nector yells his prayers in church because he believes:

4. Albertine thinks baby Shawn will be as heavy as any truck load because:

5. A symbol of Dot's overwhelming love might be:

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