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1. What might the eggs Andy peels, and June consumes, represent? What do eggs symbolize?

Eggs are symbolic of new life. Andy represents this to June--she hopes he will be different--and she gladly accepts this, or "eats" it up.

2. When June holds her doorknob in the bathroom stall, the author states, "Her room was locked. And she was ready for him now." In what way does the locked room prepare June for Andy?

Metaphorically, June locks away all that is important to her, carrying the doorknob with her at all times so that no one else can gain access. She is "ready" for Andy, in that she has hidden away all that is valuable to her in herself so that he cannot get to it.

3. What is ironic about the day of June's death, the Saturday before Easter?

In the Christian tradition, Easter Sunday is the day of Jesus' resurrection, signifying the forgiveness of all human sins. For June, who was Native American and died before Easter Sunday, she does not live to see this forgiveness, but is "reborn" herself in that she dies.

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