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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 14.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Comparing the size of her ignorance to the length of the sky, Marie attempts to convey that:
(a) Her ignorance was no hindrance to her.
(b) Her ignorance spanned the globe.
(c) Her ignorance was pure and wide.
(d) Her ignorance was part of her atmosphere.

2. When Nector compares himself to a fish failing to breathe in an airless space, this comparison reflects:
(a) Nector's idea that Marie has.
(b) The idea that Nector does not belong with Marie.
(c) The idea that Marie is suffocating him.
(d) Nector's declaration that Marie forced him to be with her.

3. Marie's statement that Nector "has to have his candy" refers to:
(a) His refusal to allow Marie to control him.
(b) His refusal to accept that he has diabetes.
(c) His affair with Lulu and his literal love of candy.
(d) His belief that candy allows him to have his second childhood.

4. When Leopolda applies the salve to Marie's burns, Marie sees this as a sign of what?
(a) Leopolda following her as she did in the vision.
(b) Leopolda's softening toward her.
(c) Leopolda's true nature coming through.
(d) Leopolda's place as a servant.

5. The precise timing necessary for Nector and Lulu's routine suggests:
(a) Lulu and Nector are bored with one another.
(b) Lulu and Nector are afraid of getting caught.
(c) Being with Lulu, as a wife and mother, is not so different from being with Marie.
(d) Being with Lulu is exhausting for Nector because she is a perfectionist.

Short Answer Questions

1. Leopolda's words "Help me, Marie" before they take the loaves from the oven imply:

2. In her vision, Marie sees herself as:

3. Henry is never still because:

4. In observing Lulu's close-knit sons, Beverly is reminded of the fact that:

5. June was raised by:

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