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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Comparing the size of her ignorance to the length of the sky, Marie attempts to convey that:
(a) Her ignorance spanned the globe.
(b) Her ignorance was part of her atmosphere.
(c) Her ignorance was pure and wide.
(d) Her ignorance was no hindrance to her.

2. Marie smiles when she hears the Dark One in the closet because:
(a) She is nervous about being caught thinking of him.
(b) She has become attuned to his presence like Sister Leopolda.
(c) She has discovered where the other children keep their belongings.
(d) She is delighted that Sister Leopolda will have to deal with him.

3. Eli and Nector's partnership works because:
(a) Eli is a good hunter and Nector is a good salesman.
(b) Eli catches the geese, but does not want to sell them.
(c) Eli is shy and Nector is outgoing.
(d) Eli teaches Nector to hunt, and Nector teaches Eli to sell.

4. Nector does not notice Marie because:
(a) He is daydreaming about Lulu Nanapush.
(b) He is preoccupied with the geese.
(c) He has just broken up with Lulu Nanapush.
(d) He is not interested in white girls.

5. Marie laughs at Nector when he accuses her of stealing the pillowcase because:
(a) The pillowcase is used as a bandage for a wound a nun inflicted.
(b) Marie has stolen many things, but not a pillowcase.
(c) The nuns have frequently accused Marie of theft.
(d) Marie plans to return to the convent.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does June's "birth" from the truck foreshadow?

2. Marie will not pray because:

3. Leopolda's words "Help me, Marie" before they take the loaves from the oven imply:

4. Albertine is hardly acknowledged when she arrives at home because:

5. Leopolda claims she is interested in Marie in particular because:

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