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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The fish images in the story imply:
(a) Marie's spirit animal is a fish.
(b) Marie feels
(c) Marie is only at home near the river at her reservation.
(d) Marie's devotion is slippery and tenuous.

2. Marie has "beaten" Nector at what he started because:
(a) He finds himself weakened when he intended to overpower her.
(b) He is not as strong as she is, and she hurts him.
(c) She demands the geese from him.
(d) She gets away before he can return her to the convent.

3. King's exchange with his wife Lynette suggests what?
(a) Their marriage is based on lies.
(b) Their marriage is loving and peaceful.
(c) Their marriage is based on respect.
(d) Their marriage is violent and acrimonious.

4. What are Marie's reasons for not wanting another child around?
(a) She has too many children and a drunk of a husband.
(b) She has always hated her sister and her family.
(c) She has plans to leave with her husband.
(d) She is ashamed of what the neighbors will think.

5. Nector does not notice Marie because:
(a) He is preoccupied with the geese.
(b) He is daydreaming about Lulu Nanapush.
(c) He has just broken up with Lulu Nanapush.
(d) He is not interested in white girls.

Short Answer Questions

1. What interrupts Eli and Marie's exchange in the kitchen?

2. When Nector compares himself to a fish failing to breathe in an airless space, this comparison reflects:

3. Marie's vision of herself stops her from running away because:

4. When Leopolda applies the salve to Marie's burns, Marie sees this as a sign of what?

5. Nector accuses Marie of forcing him to be with her because:

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