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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The line "once they smash there is no way to put them right," describing Albertine's attempt to fix the pies, also suggests:
(a) There are relationships beyond repair in her family.
(b) There are fears among her relatives that she has been ruined like June.
(c) She has limitations as a baker.
(d) She is a stickler for control.

2. Leopolda claims Marie has received the stigmata because:
(a) Leopolda has forgiven Marie.
(b) Leopolda wants to gain attention by claiming the stigmata.
(c) Leopolda has to cover up the fact that she stabbed Marie.
(d) Leopolda believes Marie has humility of spirit.

3. June Kashpaw wanders the streets of Wiliiston, North Dakota because:
(a) She is waiting for the noon bus to come and take her home.
(b) She is waiting for a friend to pick her up.
(c) She is locked out of her room.
(d) She is window shopping.

4. What event forces the final confrontation between Leopolda and Marie?
(a) Leopolda scalds Marie's back with the tea kettle.
(b) Leopolda tries to push Marie into the oven.
(c) Marie tries to push Leopolda into the oven.
(d) Marie stabs Leopolda with the poker.

5. What does June's "birth" from the truck foreshadow?
(a) Her decision to leave Andy.
(b) Her desire to go home.
(c) Her death at the end of the chapter.
(d) Her return to the reservation.

Short Answer Questions

1. What breaks June down into "someone whose shoulders sag when they think no one is looking?"

2. King's exchange with his wife Lynette suggests what?

3. Marie's quiet behavior after the scalding leads the other nuns to believe:

4. Leopolda's words "Help me, Marie" before they take the loaves from the oven imply:

5. Marie's vision of herself stops her from running away because:

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