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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Leopolda applies the salve to Marie's burns, Marie sees this as a sign of what?
(a) Leopolda's softening toward her.
(b) Leopolda following her as she did in the vision.
(c) Leopolda's place as a servant.
(d) Leopolda's true nature coming through.

2. What event forces the final confrontation between Leopolda and Marie?
(a) Leopolda tries to push Marie into the oven.
(b) Marie tries to push Leopolda into the oven.
(c) Marie stabs Leopolda with the poker.
(d) Leopolda scalds Marie's back with the tea kettle.

3. June Kashpaw wanders the streets of Wiliiston, North Dakota because:
(a) She is locked out of her room.
(b) She is waiting for a friend to pick her up.
(c) She is window shopping.
(d) She is waiting for the noon bus to come and take her home.

4. Why does Albertine feel the government's policy of allotment was a joke?
(a) The whites only allotted barren land to Indians.
(b) Most of the reservation land was sold to whites anyway.
(c) Most of the Native Americans left reservation land.
(d) The Native Americans were never allotted land.

5. How has Grandpa Kashpaw changed since Albertine last saw him?
(a) He has grown fat.
(b) He has aged considerably.
(c) He has grown beligerent.
(d) He has forgotten all dates and numbers.

Short Answer Questions

1. The line "once they smash there is no way to put them right," describing Albertine's attempt to fix the pies, also suggests:

2. King's exchange with his wife Lynette suggests what?

3. The fish images in the story imply:

4. The conversation between Zelda and Aurelia suggests what about their personalities?

5. Why does June carry a doorknob in her purse?

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