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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 12.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Albertine says she "would never know how heavy a ton was unless it fell on [her]" she suggests:
(a) She does not really understand her job.
(b) She does not really approve of Dot and Gerry's relationship.
(c) She has not known the same kind of love as Dot and Gerry.
(d) That love can not be measured.

2. Sister Mary hears Gordie's confession because:
(a) He believes she is a priest.
(b) She can tell that he is weeping.
(c) She can tell that he hasn't really killed anyone.
(d) She knows he has murdered his wife.

3. When Zelda delivers the letter, what does Marie do?
(a) Tells her to change her clothes, then reads the letter.
(b) Reads the letter immediately, not caring who sees.
(c) Blames Zelda for the day's unhappy events.
(d) Bursts into tears.

4. "Lulu's Boys" is written in third person limited point of view, but the thoughts which other character are revealed at the start of the story?
(a) Henry.
(b) Lulu.
(c) Henry Jr.
(d) Gerry.

5. What is Lipsha's love medicine?
(a) Lipsha will make a necklace of seed pearls that attract metal for his grandfather to wear.
(b) Lipsha will collect nail clippings and burn them as an offering.
(c) Lipsha will catch two frogs mating and give them to his grandparents.
(d) Lipsha will feed his grandparents the hearts of mated geese to keep them together.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the description of the woods as shadowy and cold foreshadow?

2. Lipsha believes Nector is having a "second childhood" because:

3. The mood of the city is:

4. Leopolda claims Marie has received the stigmata because:

5. Inside the bar, June decides to stay with Andy because:

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