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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Rushes Bear disowns Nector after the birth of his child because:
(a) He is not home for the birth of his youngest child.
(b) He calls Marie a name.
(c) He has refused to pay for the medicine woman.
(d) He has behaved selfishly and shamefully.

2. Marie's vision of herself stops her from running away because:
(a) She believes running away would be a sin.
(b) She believes she will be a saint and Leopolda will have to worship her.
(c) She believes Leopolda is sorry for what she did to Marie.
(d) She believes God is telling her to forgive Leopolda.

3. During their power struggle, Marie realizes:
(a) She cannot take the spoon because Leopolda needs it.
(b) She wants to go and get Nector back.
(c) She does not want Leopolda to die.
(d) She still needs Leopolda to save her from darkness.

4. Marie smiles when she hears the Dark One in the closet because:
(a) She has discovered where the other children keep their belongings.
(b) She is delighted that Sister Leopolda will have to deal with him.
(c) She has become attuned to his presence like Sister Leopolda.
(d) She is nervous about being caught thinking of him.

5. Marie discovers later in her life that the convent:
(a) Was a kind of punishment for nuns who went astray.
(b) Was a place for those who had abandoned the church.
(c) Was a part of the government plan to relocate Indians.
(d) Was the final stop for difficult nuns.

Short Answer Questions

1. Albertine is in Fargo because:

2. Sister Leopolda's actions characterize her as:

3. An accurate description of Lulu's boys would be:

4. Henry shrieks when Albertine touches him because:

5. Marie will not pray because:

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